PopCap debuts free Bejeweled game for Apple iPhone

PopCap Games today announced that it has launched a custom version of its flagship game Bejeweled for the Safari Web browser on Apple Inc.’s new iPhone and is making it available at no cost to iPhone owners.

Beginning today, iPhone users can log on to http://www.popcap.com/ via the iPhone’s Web browser and play the iPhone-specific version of the original match-3 puzzler Bejeweled for free. This customized version of Bejeweled leverages the Web 2.0 capabilities of Safari and the wireless capabilities of the iPhone, and has been optimized to take advantage of the iPhone’s unique display and input controls. PopCap developed the Safari-based version of Bejeweled in partnership with Polish developer Arkadiusz Mlynarczyk, one of the first programmers to take advantage of the Apple iPhone’s capabilities for video gaming purposes.

“We are excited to be providing the most popular puzzle game of the 21st century to users of the most advanced mobile device yet created,” said Andrew Stein, Director of Mobile Platforms at PopCap, in the press release. “We wanted to give the hundreds of thousands of iPhone users a fun, fast gaming fix — and at no cost, no less.”

MacDailyNews Note: We tried it on iPhone (it works well) and found that it also seems to work on Macs with Safari. Direct link: http://static.popcap.com/iphone/


  1. Has anyone noticed iPhone’s drop down the top seller’s list on Apple’s website, just a few slots above Macbooks? This concerns me as an Apple enthusiast and stock holder. This is despite the fact that it ships within 24 hours. I know that most people may want one immediately, so they may be more likely to go to a store, plus the phones are available at AT&T stores (theoretically), but the fact that Apple sells roughly 600,000 Macbooks every quarter and the iPhone is only be a couple of notches above it worries me.

  2. Yep it’s me, I have been posting here for years.

    Only rarely do you catch me, but you have to read all the posts and all the boring dribble.

    Pain in the butt isn’t it? I know, I did for years.

    Have a nice Monday.

    From your friendly lunatic Mac user.


  3. @ Ryan

    The iPhone is not going to sell at a rate of 270,000 every 30 hours. The initial demand was from six months worth of demand and expiring wireless contracts. Now that pool of customers has been exhausted. So going forward, it will sell at a steady rate, based on ongoing demand and ongoing expiring contracts. I wouldn’t be worried about the iPhone. I’d be happy that those MacBooks are selling so well, despite the delay in Leopard.

  4. I guess with a name like “MacDude” and relentless posting on this site, that makes me a brainwashed cult product mouthpiece too!

    Just want you to think free for a minute. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    I guess MDN doesn’t know I’m here, anyone rat me off yet?

    Or is this a new batch of people who haven’t experienced the MacDude?

    That’s my fault for staying in the closet, but I just needed to break out once in a while.

    Mac this, Apple that. Microsoft sucks (it does) it’s the same old dribbble.

    It used to be we could say anything here, it was a riot. There were thousands of posts and it was fun.

    But Apple doesn’t need us anymore, they are this big corporation now. they shunned us cult religious product types.

    I’m bored.

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