Apple iPhone Bluetooth Headset: light and simple, but fails to deliver iPhone’s full potential

“Apple’s first accessory for the iPhone is its minimalist Bluetooth headset. It’s light, simple, and attractively designed, but also lacks features of comparably priced devices and fails to deliver the full potential of the iPhone,” Daniel Eran Dilger writes for AppleInsider.

“The solid form of the device works in either ear and acts as a directional mic to pick up sound very well; callers remarked that they could hear me as well or better then when talking directly into the iPhone. The earpiece was less ideal, with occasional interference and lower volume than I would prefer, particularly when in a noisy environment,” Dilger writes.

“There’s no way to listen to music or to live podcasts in Safari over the headset, meaning headset users have to restrict their use of the iPhone to simply being a phone, unless they play the iPhone’s music through its built in speaker or through their vehicle’s audio system. Otherwise, listening to music requires putting in earbuds and taking the headset out,” Dilger writes.

“That makes the biggest consideration for potential buyers whether they feel wireless headset operation trumps listening to music. Ideally, Apple will release A2DP Bluetooth support for the iPhone and offer a stereo Bluetooth headset to match, delivering the best of both worlds,” Dilger writes.

More, including large photos, in the full review here.


  1. The beatings will continue until the product improves.

    Then I’ll die to buy for.

    Until then.

    1: removeable battery
    2: GPS
    3: Better camera
    4: Open network
    5: secure, no exploits, government snooping
    6: better price
    7: frigging laser beam on it’s head

  2. 8: food processor
    9: microwave
    10: tax preparation software
    11: traffic cam
    12: phaser
    13: Marshall 4×12 cab
    14: rack & pinion steering
    15: every episode of Firefly
    16: disc brakes
    17: non-stick cooking surface
    18: ice cream maker
    19: 4 wheel drive

  3. This was deleted from the orignal website and Google, but showed up in my RSS feed.

    Danger Room Blog
    Thursday, 09:00 PM
    Researchers see hints of a new generation of aircraft in Area 51 build-up. But are researchers seeing UFOs where none exist?

    If it didn’t make in on Google, that means the gov is RSS feeding each site and issuing retractions on the news media.

  4. I’d buy a Blue Tooth headset if I didn’t just want to strangle every guy (it’s always guys…) I see walking around 24/7 with their Blue Tooth headset on. I see guys every day on the ferry with them on, and they’re NEVER talking on the phone. They have taken up residence in my brain right between black socks and phone holsters as Middle Management Douchebag Couture. I just don’t see the draw, other than to say I Have A Bluetooth Headset.

  5. @ Darkness

    Fer reals. Anyway, if the headset doesn’t do anything useful when I’m not talking on the phone then no sale. I’ve found that talking on the phone, while a pleasure with the included earbuds, is one of the things I do the least with my iPhone.

  6. 29. Built-in electric razor
    30. Built-in electric toothbrush w/toothpaste generator/dispenser.
    31. Battery with infinite talk time
    32. Grill for cooking steaks.
    33. Hillary Clinton mute button (also functional for Michael Moore, Al Gore, and Rosie O’Donnell).
    34. Complete omnipotence and omniscience.
    35. Oh, and cherry Coke dispenser

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