New ultra-thin iMac keyboard photos?

Engadget has photos of a “‘super slim,’ brushed aluminum [MacBook-like] keyboard said to be accompanying Apple’s new iMac computer. It certainly appears to share the key design of the MacBook… A forum jockey over at the Rhapsody Apple forum in Hong Kong will sell you the keyboard (s/he has more than one) for 1,200 of the local stuff or about $153.40. Word to the wise, the consensus amongst rumor sites shows the new iMac coming as early as August 7th so you might want to hold onto that wad for a few more days to see what happens,” Thomas Ricker reports.

Ricker reports that the images look quite geniune, “but did they really remove the Apple logo from the command key?”

Full article with the photos here.
These look like the real thing to us, too. Removing the Apple from the Command key makes sense from Apple’s perspective, as it would only help further ease the minds of nervous potential switchers – “uhh, what’s that ‘weird” key?” You can bet they hear that in the Apple Retails Stores pretty often. Still, Apple ought to give us Mac users an optional key with the Apple on it! We like Open-Apple the way it is! (Yes, we do still miss good ol’ Closed-Apple. R.I.P., buddy, R.I.P.)!


  1. If this is real, then the Command key is labeled well – it actually says ‘Command’.

    What would helpful is if the Shift, Control and Option keys also showed their respective iconographical representation.

  2. I think it’s a prototype of one design they considered, but I’m not convinced it’s the final shipping product. I wouldn’t mind this overall design, but I don’t think they should bother changing the volumen and eject key location. I also think the brightness and iTunes buttons should be separate, instead of using the function keys. But I’ve used Mac for 16 years and I won’t stop because of some keyboard I’d have to adjust to. (Maybe I should just go back to using my LCIII with System 7.1!)

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