Apple iPhone grabs 1% of Q3 07 worldwide smartphone market in one and a half days

Apple “sold 270,000 iPhones in its third fiscal quarter, ending on June 30th. Apple actually sold more iPhones in the last two calendar days of the quarter than most analysts had initially estimated,” Daniel Eran writes for RoughlyDrafted. Apple’s “iPhone launch blew past what most analysts originally figured.”

“Apple grabbed 1% of the entire worldwide smartphones market for Q3 2007 in just a day and a half [and] around 15% of ‘the week’s market share,’ [and] shipped 100% of the smartphone market ‘for mobiles with more than 128 MB of Flash.,'” Eran writes.

Full article here.
Obviously, anyone who tries to tell you Apple’s iPhone launch was a “failure” is a liar or an idiot or both.


  1. I’m a big mac fan, but even so, after a while, it gets tiresome hearing you refer to those who disagree with you as ‘idiots’ or ‘liars’.

    Show a little respect for those who have another point of view.

  2. Amen, Olson. I’m in agreement of most of MDN’s sentiments but it’s snobbish junk like this that makes people dislike Apple fans. It’s much easier to attract with honey than vinegar. Categorically criticizing the opponent (or the neutrals) is tacky and childish.

  3. Liking, or disliking something is a point of view issue.

    Ignoring the facts and stating the inverse to support a bias is the work of liars and politicians. (oh wait, that’s the department of redundancy department).

    Staying put in the Windows world when you have the ability to choose a much better computing experience is the domain of idiots and corporate IT departments. (oftentimes, that’s not an oxymoron)

  4. MDN’s take doesn’t call anyone who disagrees with Apple or it’s fans an idiot or a liar. It calls anyone who says that the iPhone launch was a failure (it wasn’t) an idiot or a liar. Maybe MDN should use larger type. Maybe then people will actually read it.

  5. Absolutely MDN:

    They are either:

    Liars – ie often paid MS shills


    Idiots – as in repeating parrot fashion what’s said before and unable to think for themselves.

    Well done Eran Dilger, he has the best blog on the net by far.

    And who needs Digg now it’s in bed with Microsoft?

  6. @Mikko,Someone Else, olson:

    Please back up your statement with facts.

    Compare the iPhone launch with any other phone launch, then ask why analists call it a “failure”.

    No other cell phone has sold this amount EVER.

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