RUMOR: Apple to update iPod as early as mid-August

“Apple’s full-size iPod is being primed for an update that could arrive as early as the first-half of August, sources report. The revision will feature neither a touch-screen nor will run a scaled down version of Mac OS X like the iPhone, however—those updates are not scheduled until 2008,” Think Secret reports.

“Apple engineers are said to have shaved the height of the iPod while maintaining the same 320×240 resolution display and click-wheel as the current 5.5G iPod. The saved space will shrink about an inch off the device,” Think Secret reports.

“Sources also report the new black iPod will be less glossy than previous models and feature a finish that better matches the black MacBook,” Think Secret reports.

More details in the full article here.


  1. I’ve gotta say it, I’m holding out for a high capacity iPod with similar features as the iPhone but without the phone. WiFi and browsing would be a great bonus but not a deal breaker.

    I’m sure Apple would still sell a lot without going widescreen, but it makes no sense to me. A widescreen iPod would sell like hotcakes. Maybe that is Apple’s problem – not enough component capacity available.

    MW “slowly”

  2. It won’t be a touchscreen like the iPhone, nor will it have built in Wi-Fi either, but I’d be shocked if it doesn’t have a widescreen display like the iPhone does. I’d take what Think Secret has to say with a large grain of salt. They haven’t been terribly reliable ever since the Asteroid fiasco.

  3. “I’m holding out for a high capacity iPod with similar features as the iPhone but without the phone. WiFi and browsing would be a great bonus but not a deal breaker.”

    I gotta admit, I like the idea.

    Sell an iPhoneless WiFiless iPod 30GB for $249 and 80GB for $349. Sell an iPhoneless iPod 30GB for $399 and 80GB for $499.

    The only question I would have would be battery life. The iPhone gives you 7 hours of video playback, but it’s playing off Flash RAM. The current iPod gives you 6.5 hours of video playback on a smaller screen, so I’m not sure it would work.

  4. This sounds like it could be true. Regrettable, not because it lacks a touch-screen, but because the display didn’t grow. People don’t need/want touch screen on an iPod as much as they think they do. An awful lot of people leave it on shuffle and just use the forward button to skip tracks, without wanting to look to find it, or mess with the Hold button to activate the touch screen. The tactile control still makes more sense than touch screen in this device.

    But for those who like videos on the iPod, they’d like the CoverFlow GUI for track selection. Again, they’d like the larger screen more than touch screen.

  5. I think Apple faces a real challenge maintaining its iPod domination, simply because the iPods’ biggest competitor is now their own cousin, the iPhone. Steve Jobs himself said the iPhone is the best iPod Apple has made.

    The challenge: How do you differentiate the iPod enough from the iPhone to be able to offer the buyer something that is not inferior to the iPhone?

    About the only thing that is superior about the presently-configured iPods – specifically the top-of-the-line video iPods – when compared to the iPhone is the huge difference in storage capacity.

    They are also considerably cheaper than the iPhone – if you take into account the need to sign up for a contract with AT&T – but I doubt too many buyers will try to save a couple of hundred bucks and get a product that does not offer widescreen video and full-fledged web access.

    On the other hand, if the next-gen iPods incorporate all the features of the iPhone without the phone part, then Apple would be hurting sales of the iPhone.

    It will be really interesting to see how Apple will handle the iPod line from here on in, especially because it is also a product that may just have passed its peak of popularity if we take the law of averages into account.

    These concerns, however, may not affect the lower-priced iPods – the Nano and shuffle – where the price differential vs. the iPhone may by itself be enough to retain their market.

  6. Man this SUCKS!!!! I SO want the full screen iPod. I’m not ever getting an iPhone (AT&T service SUCKS in this area) and I’d much rather have a hard drive based phoneless iPhone than the iPhone it’s self. Apple REALLY should put that out soon to capitalize on those that want all the iPhone functionality but won’t go to AT&T.

  7. @DogGone says: “I want an iPhone sans phone. Until I can get that, the iPod I have works just fine.”
    Exactly. I ain’t never goin’ AT&T, and I ain’t never goin’ with a device that holds a measly 8 GB. If Apple doesn’t come out with the phone-less iPhone (iPod Extreme?), then I will sit tight with my 60 GB iPod.

    I’m a patient man (after all, I used a Mac Performa for 5 years!), but if Apple entices me with a widescreen, touchscreen iPod with wifi, I can be persuaded to part with the money.

  8. *IF* this rumour is true, then Apple’s domination with the iPod would be at a definite end. I can’t believe that Mr Jobs would allow such a small screen size on any new iPod because the press reviewers would crucify it as yesterday’s technology. Better hopeful explanation: The Nano line-up gets better with a bigger screen and the full sized iPod becomes iPhone sized. Anything less would be a severe letdown.

  9. Sounds like one of those “fake” rumors Apple intentionally leaks. Making the iPod one inch shorter would make it almost square. I don’t think it would look very attractive. If Apple wants to improve the current full-size iPod without “going iPhone” on it, it should try to make it even thinner and lower the price another notch.

    I can understand Apple not wanting to release an iPhone-like iPod at this time. iPhone should remain “the best iPod” for at least one holiday season.

  10. Oppenheimer’s hint about a transition was in the context of a financial discussion. Whatever that transition is, it will reduce Apple’s profitability in the next quarter.

    My guess is that Apple is planning to buy a huge quantity of expensive components in advance of a product launch and the only product that I can think of which could use a vast quantity of sufficiently expensive parts would be a high capacity, flash memory iPod.

    Nothing else that Apple currently makes seems likely to affect profits to that extent. Macs only sell a million or two per quarter, but iPods can sell 10-20 million. That would be a hell of a lot of flash memory to buy and it certainly would affect profits for that quarter, although the next quarter would show incredible profits.

    I don’t think that this Think Secret rumour sounds like it’s quite right. It sounds like too conservative a change and I don’t see that rumour squaring with what Oppenheimer hinted at.

  11. The 6G iPod better be a phone-less iPhone. Keep the BT and wifi. Make it a little thicker to accommodate a hard drive and larger battery. For all the multi-touch haters, Apple can offer an in-line remote on the headphones or a BT remote.

    Now that Steve introduced “our best iPod ever” in the form of the iPhone, how could Apple release anything else but a multi-touch widescreen iPod?

  12. So, wait, they’re telling us that they’re essentially shrinking the ipod around the screen, but the screen won’t be any bigger at all? What a rip-off. I think its a ploy to get people who waited on the iPhone because they wanted a better iPod dissappointed enough with the new pod that they just say WTF and buy the phone

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