Apple’s handheld computing revolution (Microsoft, others completely unprepared to compete)

“Apple will have a product line of pocket-size, always-with-you computers, just as hundreds of WiFi initiatives begin to take over paid cellular. This will put Apple in a uniquely strong position to drive a revolution in handheld computing,” Andrew Melcher writes for SeekingAlpha.

“Spreading WiFi coverage is creating an opening for handheld-centric computing… the convenience of always having internet and free VOIP access in your pocket will become the only decision variable. At that point, the device that can’t fit in your pocket becomes redundant and the world switches to handhelds,” Melcher writes.

“Microsoft seems completely unprepared to push its dominance with clunky computers into this new handheld realm. It will certainly need new interfaces like the iPhone’s patented keyboard and finger driven actuation. But more critically, Microsoft will need to load bloated Windows Vista (not the CE version) on an flash memory handheld. The smaller Apple OS has a critical advantage here. It will be at least another year before flash memory chips are big enough to power a standard Windows bloatware device. It seems that Windows will be stuck without next year’s absolutely-must-have functionality – platform ubiquity,” Melcher writes.

“Once a critical mass of people leaves Windows, the only source of power Microsoft ever really had (its user network) will evaporate,” Melcher writes. “At that point, Apple handhelds stop being a million user curiosity and starts looking like a $600/unit global communication standard/network that will eventually replace nearly a billion desktop computers.”

“The likes of Nokia will simply not be able to create functions valuable enough to compete with $600 (or $3,000) iPhones that are also dockable Apple computers. The cell phone manufacturers as well seem wholly unprepared to compete with Apple’s well established desktop software universe,” Melcher writes. “This change of platform is exactly what Steve Jobs has been waiting two decades for…”

Full article – recommended – here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Nathan” and “Linux Guy And Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]


  1. Is this the “transition” the CFO mentioned? More computer for your pocket? To compete with a $600 laptop? Sorry, must have something on my glasses – can’t see it. Apple’s pocketable line(s?) are locked down right now. Yes, they ARE “real computers”, but severely limited to doing whatever Apple allows them to do. This is both Good, and BAD. And I don’t see them replacing laptops until much of that Bad goes away.

    DLMeyer – the Voice of G.L.Horton’s Stage Page Pod Cast – currently discussing “Mumbet”

  2. I have always looked to Apple to bring true palm computing to the – well, palm. I for one am very excited about what small computing devices Apple is going to come out with over the next 12 months, along with its new Mac line up.

  3. Open your mind Meyer, take the blinkers off.

    Don’t you see that the iPhone is only the very beginning of all this. Apple will be producing swathes of new technologies in many varying hardware designs based on OSX and multi-touch.

  4. Apple still has one problem – AT&T. Bad, very bad decision. Great product, bad connectivity service. How does a world class company known for world class products and customer service, select AT&T as their exclusive network partner. Flip side of the coin, all wireless providers suck in their own unique way.

  5. I think back to the late 90’s and early 2000’s. I couldn’t dream that we would be seeing the headlines we’re seeing now.
    It used to be so stressful dealing with people who knew nothing of mac’s. I finally gave up, at least somewhat, trying to evangelize the platform and figured I couldn’t save the world. Now, things are changing, and quickly. It’s nice, but just a little hard to get a grip on.

  6. AT&T is a ‘so what’ in all this. It’s like saying MacBooks should have the on/off button on the left side not the right side. What differnece would it really really make to anything. Not going to affect European sales is it?

    Get over it and make more use of the wifi capability.

  7. The future is exciting…..I love “beep boopin'” on the Interweb, so being able to do it anywhere would be so awesome.

    And DLMeyer:

    Don’t think for a second that the iPhone is all that Apple has….I’m sure Apple’s future product line will NOT revolve around AT&T.

  8. Micro$oft is on the right track. After-all they came out with a table top version of a computer. Now they can begin miniaturization. In ten years it will go from banquet size to end table size (and that’s just the OS).

    MW: start-the war is over and M$ lost!

  9. We don’t know all the details of the deal Apple signed with AT&T…and it’s entirely possible that a NEW device, more palmtop (dare I say Newton like) will have 3G connectivity but NO phone in it. I don’t own an iphone but I’ve handled one and when I read people are typing at “15 words a minute” and gloating… but can’t edit Word documents or handle conventional software tasks..
    Would you buy a Mac Palmtop for $899?

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