NewsGator unveils free mobile newsreader for Apple iPhone

NewsGator Technologies, Inc. has announced the availability of NewsGator Mobile for Apple iPhone, a free reader that complements the great design and interface of the iPhone. NewsGator Mobile for iPhone works in conjunction with any free NewsGator Online account.

NewsGator Mobile for iPhone is optimized for the iPhone’s unique full-sized touch screen. The reader provides a streamlined reading experience specifically designed for the mobile user, and makes it easy to quickly access, read and mark feeds as read on the go. The simple login automatically detects the iPhone and routes the user to the iPhone reader, while directing other mobile devices to the standard, now-free NewsGator Mobile reader.

“The iPhone provides a best-of-breed mobile experience that is in line with our focus on creating exceptional reading products,” said Brian Kellner, general manager of consumer products at NewsGator, in the press release. “In the tradition of NetNewsWire, FeedDemon and NewsGator Enterprise Server, we felt it was important to deliver a fantastic reading experience for the iPhone. At NewsGator, we are committed to developing new ways for people to easily and quickly access their favorite feeds, and we are inspired to deliver outstanding experiences on the iPhone so that people can have the power of information within their reach at anytime.”

NewsGator Mobile for iPhone now free for all users. More info  here.


  1. “Aren’t they one of the greatest culprits of adware on Windows?”

    No, they’re not.

    They have the word “gator” in their name, so does another company of which you are probably thinking. Not that I’m asserting *that* company distributes adware – which it probably an actionable accusation these days – merely that it is involved in, shall we say, selling advertising.

    There is no connection between the two companies. Newsgator sells RSS services. The “gator” in Newsgator is a pun on the notion of RSS aggreGATing. They’re the people who bought Brent Simmons company Ranchero and his RSS aggregator, NetNewsWire. He now works full-time on software for Newsgator instead of doing admin work like he had to when he had his own company.

    Newsgator are a thoroughly respectable company, and Brent wouldn’t be working for them if they weren’t.

  2. “Why go with anything else?”

    You wouldn’t if you wanted to take feeds on the iPhone **only**.

    I think the point of this is that NetNewsWire — and Newsgator’s equivalent client on the Windows platform — is capable of synching with Newsgator’s servers. This means your feeds are always in sync. whichever machine you’re on or if you’re away from your own machine and checking your feeds in a browser. This will likely be the same for the iPhone (and other mobiles with capable browsers) too. Someone could check his feeds in NetNewsWire on his Mac at home then later in the day go to this web app on his iPhone and find that the feeds he’d marked as “read” were similarly marked as “read” in the web interface, and so on …

    Have a look at this explanation of RSS synching from NetNewsWire’s developer:

  3. Tough call. I’m still waffling back & forth between Google Mobile Reader & Newsgator. Even when you select “Show Original”, Google Mobile Reader holds the articles hostage on Google’s own site “specially formatted” for mobile devices which makes it look like crap. But Google’s web reader is awesome in that I can completely navigate just using the keyboard shortcuts. For now I’ll keep using both to see which I prefer in the long term, but choice is good and they both meet my needs.

  4. Maybe it’s me, but looking at the website from the link you provided, there not only doesn’t seem to be any mention of the iPhone, but there’s also nothing free. All of their products seems to cost $29.95.

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