Switching business from Windows to Mac offers significant savings

“Auto Warehousing Co. CIO Dale Frantz says his decision to go from a Windows shop to one powered by Apple [Mac] is based on time and labor spent maintaining Windows,” Larry Dignan blogs for ZDNet.

Dignan reports, “I emailed Frantz to get some more color on his decision. Without offering specific return targets he did tie up a the loose ends. Instead of interpreting his remarks and paraphrasing I thought it was best to let him tell it.”

We did a study to analyze the actual cost of “Windows” maintenance and support… When the analysis was complete, the results were unbelievable – simply unbelievable how much time, effort and money we were investing into the care and feeding of Windows on a PC. When you add that internal support cost into the ROI calculation for Macs the results were undeniable.

We found the true cost to support a single PC in the shop environment to greatly outweigh the minimal difference in hardware/software cost between a Mac and PC with Vista. It is our belief that we will achieve a significant savings with this move to Macs on the shop floor, as well as increase system reliability and user satisfaction.

Much more in the full article here.


  1. Yeah, Mike. having a “real” business, not one those fruity “creative” shops … like mine ;^)… show some of the real advantages of Mac OS X over Windows in terms a bean counter can love, means a lot.

    Finally the “real world” may be starting to get it.

  2. Many of the rank and file end users have no problem switching once they get a taste of using the Mac, but top management and the IT guys always come with some reason not to change, why Windows is better and they don’t know anything about the Mac, ect.

    Makes me sick.

  3. “As part of my due diligence I have visited 2 companies that have between 10,000 – 20,000 Macs on their network. In both cases the companies have blended networks, supporting both Mac’s and Windows PC’s. In both cases Mac XServes were the controlling architecture. The network management tools and support software that Apple provides allows each of these companies to have fewer than five I/S support personnel. I have more than 5 just to support our fleet of Windows PC’s and related devices.”

    Hmmmm. It’s no wonder why PC fanboys are resistant to letting Macs into their Microsoft centric environments. Most of their jobs would be eliminated. Imagine the savings a company can achieve. Many companies have already lost millions in fighting Windows viruses and malware. Tsk Tsk.

  4. Well, I re-read this again, and while my comments were disputed last week by at least two people, I’ll repeat what I said then.

    Nowhere does it say this company is switching from Doze to OS X. They are only switching from PC hardware to Apple hardware, NOT moving away from XP, now or as far as I can see, ever.They plainly state thet are staying in the Doze environment. OK, Apple makes great hardware. Next.

  5. I’m connecting from a Mac to a PC via a remote desktop connection and need to print from the windows pc via my Mac. Unfortunately I can’t install any drivers on the remote pc and there is no printer configured on the remote pc. When connecting windows to windows they rely on a thing called tricerat screwdrivers to give access to all the printers on your machine to the remote machine but there is no mac version. If I can solve that then I can go Mac at work but I need to use the software that I connect to via RDC and without printing it’s of no use.

  6. @jay

    You missed this in the original story:

    The company is taking 12 to 18 months to rewrite AWC’s vehicle inventory processing system to work with the Mac. That’s why they are recoding it in Java.

    And running Parallels to make Macs work with some applications.

    If they wanted to use a Mac to run Windows and existing Windows applications, they wouldn’t need Parallels. They’d use BootCamp and ignore OS X, but that’s clearly not what they are planning.

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