InformationWeek reviews iPhone: ‘best-designed, most pleasurable to use device I’ve ever owned’

“Having owned my iPhone since about 20 minutes after they went on sale June 29, I’m comfortable in saying that, while the iPhone isn’t perfect, and has some real flaws, it’s nevertheless the best-designed, most pleasurable to use device I’ve ever owned,” John C. Welch reports for InformationWeek.

“Keep in mind that I’m no newbie, having used smartphones since 2001. Along the way, I’ve owned a Sprint Kyocera 6035 smartphone, an Audiovox PPC-6601 Pocket PC phone, also from Sprint; and two Verizon XV-6700 smartphones. I also support four models of Palm Treo, the aforementioned 6700, and the Motorola Q Windows Mobile 5.0 smartphone, all in an Exchange/GoodLink environment. So I’m hardly new to the joys of either smartphones or corporate uses thereof,” Welch reports.

“In reflecting on my two weeks with the iPhone, my objective is to move beyond nattering about its specs or complaining about what it doesn’t do, and shed some serious light on security issues, corporate e-mail syncing, iPhone application development, and a bunch of other areas of interest to serious users, both corporate and otherwise,” Welch reports.

Full comprehensive review – very highly recommended – here.


  1. “it’s nevertheless the best-designed, most pleasurable to use device I’ve ever owned,” John C. Welch reports for InformationWeek.”

    This is really wonderful. Please post 100 or more link to other iPhone reviews. Helps us all forget that Apple is totally ignoring faithful users of their personal computers.

    The iMac, the Mini, and the Xserve are now overpriced crap compared to the rest of the industry considering they are yesterday’s technology.

  2. @ Macaday “One word to you: nonsense. Wait ’til Tuesday to see just how well Macs are selling!”

    Well, I’m glad they are “selling”… Selling lots of computers is a LOT more important to you fanboys than selling a computer that doesn’t have 2005 features….

    I know I’d love to have a new iMac with a 1.83 Processor, 512 Meg of RAM, 160 Gig HDD, 17″ monitor, and integrated graphics for “only” $1000…

    But hey, if they can sell these overpriced, underpowered dinosaurs I guess that’s what’s important to you guys…

  3. “@ R – “Yes, shoeman– won’t someone please think of the children?”!”

    The hell with the children. I’m using a Mac Dual Core Mini that I bought 2 weeks after the Intel iMacs came out (I did pump it up with 2 Gig of RAM). As should be obvious from my posts, I want a new iMac. But I’m not going to buy something that is already outdated for the price they are asking…

    Just give a a few crumbs Steve and then you can return to you full time job as a telephone salesman..

  4. Well, Shoeman, just because you chose to buy the “low end” iMac, don’t be an arse and infer that other models aren’t being offered.
    Your brand of disingenuousness borders on the inane.
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  5. Errr… low end “Mac”.
    I’m so happy with my iMac, I have a difficult time type Mac without the “i”.

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  6. Shoeman,
    The iPhone is a Mac. They’re using a different name to allow it to slip in the enterprise back door. Some IT departments caught on early though, which is why they try to keep it out.

  7. Too all those complaining about lack of emphasis on Mac products from Apple… get some perspective.

    The iPhone is a new platform for Apple. Apple gave it the marketing spotlight and development resources. So what? The competition in the PC market are mostly generic commodity computers with Windows Vista. In the media player market, it’s “Zune and company.” Apple could afford to focus on getting iPhone right, and it did so brilliantly.

    And just because the iPhone took center stage, the Mac was hardly neglected. The 8-core Mac Pro was introduced earlier this year, and a significantly upgraded MacBook Pro just got released. The consumer MacBook was also refreshed. In fact, only the Mac mini and iMac have not been updated this year, but the year is only half over. Leopard will be released in a few months, and Apple will no doubt have a redesigned iMac in a few weeks.

    So stop with the whining. Apple is playing it smart.

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