UBS maintains ‘Hold’ rating on Apple shares

“Operating independent of their investment banking counterparts, wealth management experts for UBS maintained a ‘Hold’ rating on shares of Apple Inc. this week, explaining that share pricing trends remain strong but present a less compelling opportunity from a risk reward standpoint,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider.

“Andersson expects that Apple’s strong share price momentum will continue for the foreseeable future but advised clients that his “fair value” for the stock currently falls within the $111 to $145 range,” Marsal reports.

“Given the “huge number of articles written and more than 100 million hits on the web,” the UBS analyst said it’s unlikely many people have missed the launch of Apple’s new handset, the iPhone. The free marketing, he added, has massively helped kick-start the launch and he expects the Cupertino-based company to significantly beat its 10 million phone target by calendar 2008,” Marsal reports.

Full article here.


  1. Why hold when he “expects that Apple’s strong share price momentum will continue for the foreseeable future.” If there is a strong price momentum, wouldn’t you want to buy more before the stock goes up?

    By buying while the stock is cheap, it would allow for better gains in the long run based on his recommendation. But, he contradicts by saying to hold? It does not make sense.

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  5. I’ll venture a guess about how the week will turn out – The MM’s will drive the price down to 135, maybe even 130 for OE. Late afternoon on Friday will be the time to buy if it hits this level and does its usual 3-point landing on an even strike. Next week is the earnings announcement and you’re going to want to get in before that, at least that’s the way things look. Monday & Tuesday will be a good indication of sentiment – look for high volumes if I’m right and earnings are really going to be good.

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