How to easily put DVDs on Apple iPhone

“HandBrake is a GPL’d multi-platform, multithreaded DVD to MPEG-4 ripper/converter – it’s super easy to rip the DVDs you have and put them on the new iPhone – they look great and are about 1 GB each,” Phillip Torrone reports for Hackszine.

More info and links here.

MacDailyNews Note: Posted for those new to the portable video fold via iPhone who might find they need something like Handbrake.


  1. Must have tool for Apple TV. Especially in Canada where the iTunes store does not sell movies or TV show. I’ve ripped my entire DVD collection (300+ movies and 10+ complete TV seasons) all via Handbrake and access it all via iTunes and AppleTV. Dolby 5.1 works great with optical cable out from the Apple TV!

  2. This really isn’t earth shattering, what works for an iPod should work for the phone. I use MediaFork. Basically the exact same thing, but I have had better luck with it stability-wise.

  3. I found a personal “sweet spot” for AppleTV (on a 50″ Samsung DLP) using Handbrake’s setting for AppleTV but adding 2-pass.

    Good enough for the AppleTV picture-wise and small enough file size to not overload my 80gig pod.

    I’m really interested in that hardware stick decoder thing from Elgato

    anyone have any experience with it?

    is it worth $100?

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