House Democrats criticize AT&T’s exclusive Apple iPhone deal


  1. Okay, 3 things –

    1. This is idiotic on every level.
    2. So, Republicans are taking credit for the iPhone now?
    3. Ed Markey, I’ve heard the Eagles. I’ve seen the Eagles. And Ed Markey, you’re no Eagle.


  2. While Steve is brilliant, I’ve overlooked his democratic (political) obsession, which is fine, I like to question authority. The republicans give us plenty to complain about, but the economic progress they’ve made, whether on purpose or accident, is undeniable. But it is funny how the democrats will turn on their own at any opportunity, even during a meeting not pertaining to this topic.

  3. When you pay full retail price for the phone obviously you should be able to pick your own carrier. Naturally we all made the decision to buy the iPhone and go with AT&T but if the phone is unlocked before my 30 day trial is up I will dump at&t like a hot potato! This bodes well for unlocking the phone, as is perfectly legal in the U.S, as congress may get onto Apple if they re-lock it, or even attempt to for that matter. Strange how Apple’s party of choice may be the ones to bite it in the ass! haha…

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