O2 denies deal in place for Apple iPhone in UK

“Telefonica SA’s O2 wireless unit said it hasn’t signed a deal with Apple Inc. to be the exclusive U.K. network partner for the iPhone mobile device,” Alex Armitage reports for Bloomberg.

“‘No deal has been signed with Apple,’ O2 spokesman David Nicholas said today by telephone from London. ‘We don’t comment on rumor or speculation.’ The response comes after the Financial Times, citing people close to the talks, reported that O2 is close to a deal to be the exclusive network provider for the iPhone in the U.K.,” Armitage reports.

“‘We’ll bring the iPhone to Europe in late 2007,’ said Alan Hely, Apple’s London-based spokesman. He declined to comment on a possible U.K. network partner,” Armitage reports.

Full article here.


  1. In other news, this just in from Macworld UK:
    <b>New breed iLife near completion<>
    Report claims iLife could ship before Leopard
    by Jonny Evans

    “Apple is applying the final flourishes to its next iteration of its popular iLife suite of creative software.

    A report claims the new breed iLife suite is at Golden Master phase, and speculates the software may ship before Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, which is scheduled to be released from its cage in October.

    The new version of iLife will run on both Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5, but there’s no word yet on whether it will be re-branded in order to lose its reference to the year of release, the report states.”

    (sorry to interrupt the iPhone news lovefest)

  2. “They don’t comment on rumor or speculation, yet they just commented on rumor & speculation.”

    haha i was thinking that, also, sounds like a very apple comment doesnt it, and i was hoping for t-mobile – or even orange just anything but 02 and vodafone

  3. The iPhone is a Mac. OSX, apps, the lot, so it’s perfectly valid to highlight it in MDN.

    Thanks…. My Mac can run MS Office, iLife, iWork, Burn DVD & CDs, can download from IMS, and runs iChat, AOL IM, as well as thousands of third party Apps…

    I didn’t know the iPhone, which you tell us is a Mac, can do all of that….

    Sounds to me that you just drink the KoolAid..

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