Many Apple Retail Stores sold out of iPhone

“According to a report in the LA Times that has since been echoed by CNN Money and Reuters, 525,000 iPhones were sold on the first weekend. As we’ve noted previously, iPhone first weekend sales now represent the largest consumer electronics product launch in history as measured by dollar value. As of today, 59 of the 162 Apple Stores do not have iPhones available, having sold out over the weekend,” Carl Howe reports for SeekingAlpha.

Some quick impressions from the limited time I had with the phone:
• No manual is no problem
• The iPhone processor is FAST
• The iPhone experience is incredibly addictive

“This is an experience sale akin to driving a BMW; people who take a test drive will want to buy the device. And the overall look of the device just screams taste and design. I fully expect the iPhone to be one of the first electronic devices to be placed in the Museum of Modern Art. It’s that beautiful,” Howe writes.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “JadisOne” for the heads up.]


  1. There are plenty of Apple devices in the Museum of Modern Art. The cube and the iPod are two I can name right off the top of my head and I believe that the orginal Macintosh as well as all three versions of the iMac is in there too. I also think the RAZR and Startac are exhibits. I would really like to visit the MoMA. Hmm…I live in NYC and I get out of work early. Maybe I will take a gander.

  2. I second Mac n’ Cheese’s opinion re BMW.

    iDrive has to be the unfriendliest menu system ever foisted on the motoring public, making many minor adjustments difficult – even dangerous – while on the move.

    It’s a real technoid let’s-do-it-because-we-can “solution” to a non-problem.

    A great pity Apple wasn’t involved!

  3. I was at the Charlotte Apple Store last night and they were completely sold out of 8 GB models and had about six 4 GB models on hand. I was glad I got mine yesterday morning!

    I’m fully expecting Apple’s press releases to add the line “Apple ignited the mobile phone revolution…”

  4. On the other hand, 103 stores DO have phones. According to at least one magazine, Forbes, that is not necessarily a good sign for sales going forward, after all of the faithful have made their purchases.

    We’ll see. I love Apple, here’s hoping it does, but at this point I would not want to bet my life, or money, on the iPhone kicking all other cells off the island.

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