CBS News: Apple iPhone ‘a truly remarkable accomplishment, innovative, inspired’

“As I write this column, it’s already 11:00pm on Friday night and I’ve had the iPhone for five hours. That’s hardly enough time to do a full fledged review but certainly enough to report on my ‘out-of-box experience’ and share my first impressions of this innovative device,” Larry Magid reports for CBS News.

“My overall thought is that the iPhone’s software represents a truly remarkable accomplishment. Sure, the device’s ultra thin case and large 3.5 inch display are nice touches, but what really stands out is the user interface that can best be described as inspired. Regardless of how well this device ultimately does, it will always be remembered as the phone that broke the mold from which all others were fabricated,” Magid reports.

“It’s too early in the review process to give this phone a definitive thumbs up or down but I think it’s fair to say that for those who have plenty of extra cash and the desire to live on the bleeding edge of technology, owning an iPhone will truly be an interesting experience,” Magid reports.

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  1. “… for those who have plenty of extra cash and the desire to live on the bleeding edge of technology …”

    Ah, mp3 player + cell phone + web browser for $499.
    “Bleeding edge” usually refers to suffering on the front edge of tech with buggy, cumbersome, unreliable gear. From what others have said who have had it for weeks, it’s not the bleeding edge – just the leading edge.


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  2. @ freakshow

    “…Makes my WinMobile 5 look sad and pathetic….”

    Apple has been doing that to ALL “WinCrap” stuff for years … where ya been ? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”LOL” style=”border:0;” />

  3. $599 for the 8 gigger is pretty reasonable when you factor in 3 devices and the convenience of 3 in one. hey, you’ve only got to carry ONE sync & power cable.

    Right now, I carry 3 USB sync & charge cables: phone, Palm TX and iPod. Granted, my iPod is an 80 gigger and I’m not about to give up lossless music, but still.

    The synergy of the iPhone is, as the commercials say, priceless! When Apple releases an 80, 100 or 120GB iPhone, I’ll jump!

  4. @ Mr. Reeee you sound like a Gnu, waiting for the first Gnu to jump into the river and not get crocked by a crocodile so that you say to yourself that it is safe to jump in, only to find the clever Croc was waiting for several Gnu’s to jump in at once in order to maximise its strike rate!

    Get yourself a new backbone!

  5. It is not essentially a laptop. It is a phone with a web browser, email and mp3 player. At this point it can only do an extremely small amount of what a laptop can do.

    For most people it is a great device because it is simple to operate.

  6. One thing I noticed it how distinctive the iPhone appears when seen from near and far. You can tell someone is using an iPhone. This will be like the iPod intro; you can tell someone is using an iPod because of the white earbuds and white/chrome case. Soon, even those who say they don’t want an iPhone because of all the annoying hype, or that say it’s too expensive, will want one. About that time, the “hype” will be replaced by acceptance and Apple will lower the price. That’s when the real sales surge will begin.

  7. So why is the iPhones’ software (OS X) inspired when it packaged in a iPhone but not when it’s installed on a computer such as a Mac?

    Could it be that a lot of these so called reviewers are only now taking a good hard look at Apple OS X – AND LIKING WHAT THEY FIND!

    These guys are going to go nuts over the next version of OS X due in Oct 07!

    It’s about time!

  8. Hanging-out in the demo area in our local Apple Store, you could just record all the “oooh, aahhh, cool! guess what? I’m calling you on an iPhone” chatter from all the other users, and make that into a commercial. People are blown-away at first sight, first touch. The one comment I heard over & over again: “It’s so easy, I thought it would be complicated.”

    The WAN connection was fine, but the Edge throughput was crawling — not unexpected with hundreds of thousands of new users in the past 24 hours.

  9. Luvin my new 8 gigger. For all the complaints I hears about edge and I’ve been a victim also with my razr…I find the iphone with the safari browser about as snappy as my Motorola Q is on Verizon’s so called snappy network. The win mobile explorer is the weak link on the Q and pretty much equalizes the two devices in page rendering, Safari is much smoother and while explorer may get to the page faster it is agonizingly slow and often inaccurate at rendering. That’s been my personal experience.

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