Blackfriars’ predicts 500,000 iPhone sales in first weekend; 1 million possible

“Some analysts claimed that the iPhone launch would be a failure if Apple failed to sell 100,000 iPhones during the first weekend. Based upon the limited data we have, we believe that number was exceeded in just the first two to three hours. Blackfriars’ prediction is that Apple will sell 500,000 iPhones this weekend, and based upon limited sales rates reported, that number now looks quite achievable,” Carl Howe writes for Blackfriars’ Marketing.

“The only question is whether the demand and iPhone supply is great enough that they might push past the million unit mark this weekend,” Howe writes.

Full article here.
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  1. 1 million may be a stretch based on how many Apple could make, but certainly that number will be achieved as fast as Apple made or makes 1 million (be it this past weekend or in the next couple of weeks). All in all a great opening, with that many phones there are always a few problems, but the press has been terrific, better than I thought it would be after the launch. So Kudos to Apple! Now if ATT service would expand to my area.

  2. Everyone knew it was going to be this big of a hit. I’m sad and glad though. I REALLY want that phone…. but, luckily for me, computers are that much better and I got the new 2.4 15″ MBP instead two weeks ago and I think it will hold me over till I can afford this phone. Anyone else agree? Or is the phone that great that I should have stuck with my 15″ PowerBook and got the phone first?

  3. There is absolutely no doubt Apple will sell at least a million this weekend. The Michigan Avenue store in Chicago was swamped last night. I bet several thousand were sold at that store alone last night. But the real scary thing to consider: did Apple pull off the unthinkable and generate over $1 Billion in new sales last night. Call me crazy but it might have happened…..

  4. On this note, how many service providers (IE: AT&T) could add a half million accounts in one week and NOT have a few problems. Selling the phones is easy whereas switching from other providers, who typically don’t like letting customers leave, is bound to cause some problems. It seems AT&T is handling it very well, all things considered, and is addressing coverage/bandwidth speed complaints at the same time.

    MDN word: North, as in up north we don’t even have access to the iPhone yet. Boo HOoo cuz I’d buy two, even with the activation delays.

  5. I’m still waiting, going on 20 hrs. to activate my iPhone. I’m not keeping an old number, I’m not transferring any number at all. I simply asked for a new number, and I have never ever had a cell phone before this. . . kinda bummed right now.

  6. Uh, should I get an iPhone even though I don’t need it?

    I have a phone, it works pretty well, voice quality and signal are great. I also have a Mac at home and at work, and an iBook for on the road. Don’t really listen to music that much and I have a great digital camera.

    So, all that would be a compromise on the iPhone, as good as it is. But, I’m feeling the pull of the masses, I MUST be missing something!

  7. I got mine last night and activated with no problems. A lot of the complaints other than those concerning delays in activation, are by people who seem to think it should be a Tablet Mac and not a phone. People complaining about lack of a file system, and lack of cut and paste. Its only a phone, and a great one at that.

  8. Just got back from the Apple Store at King of Prussia mall outside Philly. The place was packed, but I did get to play with an iPhone. All I can say is “liquid”!

    The more interesting thing was that I saw 4 people (all middle aged men) walking around the store talking on their own iPhones. I asked each if they had just bought it and each person had bought their iPhone last night, had no problem with the activation process, had never bought a Mac, and only 1 of them had an iPod. BUT, they were all there shopping for their first Mac because of the experience they have had with their iPhone thus far!!!

  9. My experiences with the iPhone:

    No problems typing with one finger at all. Didn’t try both hands at once but don’t think it is possible anyway.

    Liquid (as I said above).

    No hitches in the GUI at all.

    Internet works grrrreat!

    And, wonderfully subtle take, MDN! Bravo!

  10. @ crabapple

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it would be a major coup to sell 3 mil phones in one night and I’m simply stating there is good reason to question such a claim amid all the recent hype especially considering the lowly position of a mere salesgirl.

  11. @ Brau, I guess your judgment call has to be right, after all it is you she served in which case the impression she imparted on you was not one in which you were impressed by. She may have been quoting from the slaes manual she was made to study prior to the grand opening.

    Let us hope that they are at least closer to that mark. I would like to see records tumble or set as a bench mark to other companies so that they can emulate what it is we the customers want and need from technologies hard or soft, edible or non-edible.

  12. Apple was smart to start selling the iPhone at 6pm on Friday. The stock market had closed, in case there were some glitches. There was one actually, the slow activation of some customers, but the weekend will let that issue be drowned out by the positive reviews. Media outlets were fully staffed for coverage of the event all day Friday. Sales over the weekend (including Friday evening until midnight), when people can more easily get out their local Apple or AT&T Store to buy one. On Monday, Apple will no doubt make a big announcement about sales during the first three days.

    It’s good to be an investor in such a competently run company. Apple in the 90’s made cool products, but it was not competently run; its leadership made some really bad calls. If I had more money, I would have bought more shares.

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