Microsoft Exchange update fixes potential mail issues with IMAP, Apple iPhone

“Microsoft has just released an update to Exchange 2007 that should fix issues that could have prevented Apple’s new iPhone from receiving mail from Exchange Server 2007,” Peter Galli reports for eWeek.

“The Redmond, Wash., software maker released June 28 the third update to Exchange Server 2007, known as Rollup 3, which addresses many of the issues customers have been experiencing with Apple Mac Mail, just ahead of the release of Apple’s iPhone on June 29,” Galli reports.

“This fix is important as the iPhone will work with Exchange Server via IMAP4, Keith McCall, chief technology officer of Azaleos and a former Exchange executive,” Galli reports. “‘Exchange 2007 has had some difficulties with the IMAP4 protocol implementation, which are at least partially expected to be addressed with Exchange 2007 Rollup 3. We are currently testing these fixes to see that they do address the issue with Mac Mail,’ he said.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Isabelle” for the heads up.]


  1. If I were a chair at Microsoft, I would think being thrown across the room to my death was infinitely preferable to being sat on by Ballmer.

    Then I’d remember that I was a chair and incapable of any emotion.

    And then I’d remember that I was a chair and didn’t have any memory.

    If only I was a mattress

  2. This is a day when you can really sense that Microsoft is getting its gargantuan collective fat ass handed to it, by an entity it shamelessly plundered and pillaged all those many years ago. And this is only the beginning. And I am enjoying this immensely.

  3. If Mafiasoft were to obstruct the iPhone properly working with exchange, they would be at risk of alternative products being built to go around their controlling software at the heart of the enterprise. Cooperation here must be grudging for monkey boy, but it is the smart thing for him to do.

  4. Car bombs, indeed. It was an unfortunate turn of phrase inspired by all the iPhone naysayers suggesting that Apple would have to license software from MS to make the iPhone compatible with enterprise systems.

    Wow — no MDN magic word. Let’s see if it posts anyway…

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