AT&T customers report sudden dramatic boost in EDGE speeds

“Just hours before the launch the EDGE-capable iPhone, a number of users are reportedly seeing dramatic increases in EDGE throughput. After questioning whether the mobile was actually using WiFi, a New Yorker began to see if fellow AT&T customers across the nation were also noticing the substantial boost in speeds; sure enough, it looks like quite a few others are seeing speeds upwards of 200Kbps,” Engadget reports.

“We tried some speed tests on an EDGE handset ourselves, and though it’s been a little inconsistent, we’ve been shocked to find a number of runs over 200kbps. True, these kinds of speeds are theoretically possible (actually, little known fact, the ITU technically defines EDGE as a 3G standard), but we’d never expect to see them in practice.,” Engadget reports. “Should make the iPhone’s browsing experience a little more bearable if it holds up!”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “thereal” for the heads up.]


  1. And WE shall see a few things in the next few weeks – software and oter things…


    The reality distortion field is now expanding!! To the EDGE!!!

    Which is a basic premise of the  experience!

  2. They would have boosted the capacity of the network to allow for the hoards of iPhone customers buying in the next couple of days… no doubt it will get overloaded in a couple of weeks

  3. This has been amazing to watch Apple (and AT&T) market this thing.

    Everything that had ever been considered a negative for the iPhone has in the last couple of weeks been removed.

    No MS Office capabilities
    Short battery life
    Slow EDGE network
    Can’t do this
    Can’t do that

    And now it can do all that and more. Sweet. It’s almost like Apple had a script and knew what people were going to say and then had an answer already waiting. Beautiful. Schools will teach this in Marketing in the years to come.

  4. EDGE is doing wonders overseas, particularly in places where 3G isn’t available and won’t be in the foreseeable future. It was the fault of AT&T who allowed their network speeds to remain as laggy as it’s been.

    If this is a permanent change, not a temporary one that will be wiped out by millions of new iPhone users, then you can add another revolution to the list. There is nothing else short of their HSDPA network crumbling that could’ve gotten AT&T to do this.

  5. Perhaps they are preparing for a massive increase in EDGE usage. When millions of new subscribers join at once it would be wise to increase bandwidth as they will dramatically drag it down. Speeds may stay the same as they were before once the iPhone users jump on. Of course, I could be wrong.

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