Apple iPhone unboxing photos

A gallery of images taken from one of the very first Apple iPhones that went on sale Friday at 6pm EDT has been posted by AppleInsider.

See them here.

Engadget has a bunch, too. They’re here.


  1. Other than the major cities, not nearly the huge line-ups predicted by all the breathless media hype. Guess it’s just a $600 cellphone after all.

    Many locations (AT&T especially) have stock and nothing but crickets outside.

  2. My activation did not complete in the 6 minute time frame that iTunes said. I got the “Your activation requires additional time” message. So after 15 minutes I called the AT&T activation hotline. They said it should take no more than 15 minutes. I am now at over an hour and I calleed AT&T again and I was told the activation may now take up to 24 hours. Boy did THEY misjudge their capabilities! I reminded the guy that this is NOT the way to start a customer relationship with 100s of thousands of new customers, esspecially with all the media focus. I now have this really really cool looking brick on my desk that can’t do ANYTHING until it is activated. Anyone else having the same problem? It appears that Tommy Boy is.

  3. Who would’ve ever imagined the Apple logo and AT&T’s “Death Star” sharing the same product packaging.

    At least the logos are on opposite sides. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  4. And predictably, the ATT EDGE network is completely hosed. Wonder if ATT will give me a credit for my inability to use my Blackberry. Wait, are those monkeys flying out of my a$$?

  5. Unpacking is a beautiful experience… Even better than buying an upscale watch or Tiffany jewelry. They sure know how to make a brother feel good about a purchase.

    BTW, the iPhone is far smaller in real life than it looks in pictures. Much thinner than a deck of cards and maybe 3/4 of an inch longer.

    I’m downloading iTunes 7.3 right now…

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