Steve Jobs gives Apple employees free 8GB iPhones

“Free 8GB iPhones for all Apple employees at the end of July!” proclaimed a MacDailyNews source a bit earlier today. (Last November, Steve Jobs gave each Apple employee a shiny new 2G iPod shuffle.)

Scott McNulty confirms via TUAW, “Apple employees who have been employed by the fruit company a year or longer, Steve was in a giving mood. Our sister site Engadget reported that Apple was holding an all hands meeting helmed by Steve Jobs today. It would seem Steve wanted to talk iPhone (and who doesn’t). Imagine the gleeful reaction he was given when he announced that all Apple employees (our source says both part time and full-time employees) that have been with Apple for over a year will receive a free 8 gig iPhone by the end of July.”

Full article here.
Lucky bastages!


  1. that is right.

    That is why i am the other Steve Jobs… and the drunk CEO of EA is not. This is also why i am the other Steve Jobs and that sweaty, chair-throwing bald tard is not. This is why i am the other Steve Jobs and that card read…. ing moron in… charge of Cing…. ular, which is the ….. new AT&T is not.

    making sure all the very hard working employees of Apple are part of this and finding the best way to do it, fsck the bean-counters is why I am the other Steve Jobs, and everyone else is not.

  2. In other news, Steve Ballmer announced that all Microsoft employees who have been with the company more than one year will receive free Zunes. Employees who have been with Microsoft less than a year will receive two Zunes.

  3. How many phones would that be? Let’s guess and say there are 75 full and part-time employees per 130+ stores with over a year of seniority, or close to 10,000 total. Wow, let’s multiply that by $600, and you get $6 million. Now I know why the shares dropped over $1 on what should have been a good news day.

  4. These are very good days. I am sure Microsoft will “cover” this in Redmond. Maybe, if I go to work part time right now, I will get one of those coffie tables with projectors under it when it finally comes out.

  5. marxmac84
    Someone gives you a $600 thank you, which you probably don’t deserve and you bitch about when you will receive it.

    U R an Ass.

    If you want it so frickin bad, buy one tomorrow then give it to your boyfriend when you get your freebie.


  6. Hmmm… the multiple negative reactions to this have me puzzled. I think Apple has about 18,000 employees; let’s say 15,000 of them are eligible. At a cost to Apple of $300 a phone, that is an employee bonus of $4.5 million for a company that will gross about $25 BILLION in this fiscal year. As a stockholder, that seems like a wonderful way to motivate employees at modest cost. If the employee doesn’t want or can’t use the phone, they can easily sell it on ebay. So what is the problem? Trust me, as production ramps up, channeling 15,000 phones to Apple employees won’t be issue; that is like 1/2 of 1% of all the iPhones that will be sold between now and the end of the calendar year. Again, I gotta ask, why the negativity?

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