Apple and AT&T publish Apple iPhone FAQ pages

Apple and AT&T have published separate online iPhone Frequently Asked Questions. AT&T covers the following categories:

• General
• Activation
• Existing Customers
• Billing
• Return Policy

AT&T’s “iPhone Frequently Asked Questions” are here.

Apple has made available online “iPhone Questions and Answers” which covers frequently asked questions including iPhone set up, accessories, using iPhone and more here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Pete” and “Richard” for the heads up.]


  1. What if I buy it, take it home, and I don’t get good phone reception? It’s a bit unfair (I think) to charge a re-stocking fee for people caught in this predicament…

    Also, I’m curious how much extra I would pay for calls to/from Canada, and calls to/from the U.S. FROM Canada?

  2. No Squirt for You,

    One of the FAQ’s in the MDN article makes it seems the data plan is required for activation. Therefore, my inquiry on that specific point becomes valid in this forum, you pretentious ass.

  3. Mac 84: “Maybe they think the small size is good enough? But it still takes people a week to adjust to it…

    And what about when you’re typing on the bus and it’s vibrating?
    What about when your glasses are misplaced?
    What about the casual user who only types a few words a day and never adjusts to the keyboard?
    What about your grandmother or parent who will be quickly discouraged with any tech device learning curve?
    What about typing and walking at the same time through the airport terminal?”

    I agree with your question about lansscape mode for the keyboard. However, I think past that everything you mention is true of the small QWERTY keyboards.

    I am going to assume some of your questions are satire. If not, dude, chill.

    My question is, if I am an existing Cingular/The New AT&T customer, do I HAVE to go to an AT&T store to have a drone set me up, or can I adjust my plan when I activate via iTunes. I hope it is the latter.

  4. And here’s a great example (there are many, many more):
    Comment from: iMaki
    Of course it will be limited. Apple absolutely cannot make deadlines or meet the basic needs of consumers anymore. The demand is the same now as when it was announced. In fact, I think it’s less. It’s just salt added to the wounds of endless waiting and disappointment. It will be the Wii all over again with legions of peeved, irritated consumers.”

  5. Guys, you misunderstand me. I was just trying to dramatize a point. I think Apple would sell more iPhones if they had the landscape keyboard option.

    I think it would help asuage the fears of the tiny virtual keyboard if you could tilt it sideways and make it larger.

    I’m rooting for Apple. We Mac users have been ignored for over 20 years and it’s finally time to shout out loud, “I’m a Mac and I’m proud!”

    Say it loud, “I’m Mac and I’m Proud!” (add James Brown riff…)

    My engineering hat was just wondering why they haven’t offered this feature. I predict it may appear in the future.

  6. Mac 84: There could be options like that especially if there’s a demand. The flexibility of an OS X driven interface with easy upgradability would make it a cinch. I was wondering if you can turn off the spell check feature which could be annoying.

  7. I read somewhere that the iPhone would not support VPN. I just read Apple’s FAQ and it states:

    “For secure Internet access, iPhone supports industry-standard Wi-Fi security and virtual private networking (VPN).”

    Me likey!

  8. From the AT&T website:
    Q. Will I be billed from both companies?
    A. Wireless service will be billed from AT&T. Additional content purchases from iTunes such as music, videos, and movies will be billed from iTunes, similar to today.

    any chance this is talking about buying from the iPhone? iWish

  9. So I tried clicking on the AT&T link and got “Maintenance in Progress.” In fact, their whole site says, “Maintenance in progress!”

    I was chuckling yesterday because I went to AT&T’s site to see if there was a local AT&T store that might be selling iPhones. When I clicked on their “Find a store” link, I got back an error.

    Poor ol’ AT&T’s web servers probably exploded due to demand.

  10. To those asking about why Apple doesn’t do the virtual keyboard in landscape mode:

    This is total speculation, but I’m guessing that one major usability problem with the keyboard in landscape mode would be that if they keep the keys in the same aspect ratio, then the keyboard would occupy almost the entire screen. To prevent taking up the entire screen, the keys would have to be the same height (or less, if you actually want to see content above the keyboard), and stretch the keys horizontally. All in all, I suspect a landscape keyboard could be a huge problem.

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