announces free 5GB hosted storage service for Apple iPhone users

SeeFile, a developer of webserver software for sharing media files, today announced its support for Apple’s iPhone with a new free hosted service,

The site combines 5GB of free storage space, graphical previews of saved files, and features such as print ordering and online annotation, which go beyond what online storage sites typically provide.

Features include:
• First such application developed specifically for Apple’s iPhone
• 5GB free online storage space per user
• Photos, PDFs, QuickTime videos and other files can be uploaded and shared
• Thumbnails and previews are generated automatically
• Online photo prints are available for point-and-click ordering
• SeeFile 3 technology also supports Mac and PC web browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari
• Site goes live 4PM EDT Friday, June 29th

The site’s simple graphical user interface is designed to fit iPhone’s 480×320 pixel touchscreen. The design is tailored for the iPhone’s version of Apple’s Safari web browser, with a compact layout, large buttons suited to touch screen selection, and easy-to-navigate folder browsing. In addition, the design uses only “iPhone-friendly” AJAX Web 2.0 design principles, and no Flash or Java code is employed, for maximum compatibilty. The free service goes “live” at 4PM Eastern Daylight Time on Friday, June 29th – two hours before the iPhone goes on sale at AT&T Cingular wireless locations on the East Coast.

Another notable feature of the service over standard filesharing websites is that users can purchase a version of the software that drives the site, to run on their own computers. This software package functions identically to the hosted site, but stores shared files directly on the hard disk of the computer running the software. With this server software package, iPhone owners can use SeeFile to access a wide range of media files such as photo proofs, PDFs and video files from remote locations. Current customers for the SeeFile 3 software include commercial photographers, graphic designers, videographers and print providers. Packages are also available which bundle all the sofware and hardware needed to set up a SeeFile site, with prices starting at $995.

“This site will make it easy for iPhone users to share their files with friends, family and coworkers using any type of web browser,” said Paul Navitsky, the product manager, in the press release. “We think that Apple’s new platform is a great way to deliver Web experiences like file sharing, browsing and online printing in a pocketable format.”

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  1. Seeing how you can’t upload files using iPhone’s Safari, I wonder how exactly one will interact with this from their iPhone. I think we’ll be limited to uploading from the desktop and accessing the files from the iPhone.

  2. Finally, someone seeing the possibilities of the iPhone instead of what version 1 won’t do, even though the other guys have been around ten years.

    Finally, Apple shows the rest of the world and Japan that the US kicks butt instead of the past ten year display of stifling stagnation via M$.

  3. This must be a hoax. Aren’t all the developers supposed to be pissed at how useless the AJAX/Web method is for developing iPhone apps? Or is just those developers who don’t know how to develop AJAX that are throwing a hissy fit?

  4. Some developers are pissed and others are seeing the opportunity and not living under their rocks!
    I agree with the tight lockdown of iPhone. I don’t want some crappy untested software to crash my phone – I want good testing of all software before it gets on there – keep the lesser apps on the internet. That’s why Safari updates are frequent because they want that developer community to thrive.
    I’m sure they are working intensely behind the scenes to develop true iPhone apps with 3rd parties – we just haven’t heard it yet – it’s EARLY – Stevo is a genius, but we already knew that!

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