Complete guide to Apple iPhone apps

“Adding on to our massive lists of downloadable iPod software (found in our navigation bar under Downloads), iLounge has publicly launched our Complete Guide to iPhone Software as a comprehensive list of all known programs for use with Apple’s iPhone. The new section features multiple pages of iPhone application previews, download links, author credits, and more,” Jeremy Horwitz reports for iLounge.

“Authors and independent tipsters are invited to submit their iPhone programs using a link at the top of each page. As always, listing is completely free of charge with no strings attached,” Horwitz reports.

iLounge’s Complete Guide to iPhone Software:


  1. oh gawd. no wonder steve jobs doesnt want third party development. Look at that Gcalc app…. my eyes are exploding from that color scheme and inline ad. Jobs should have put a color palette and style enforcer into a UI building SDK for the iPhone. You let too much freedom on this thing and you’ll have Wal Mart style apps on it designed by MS Paint amateurs.

  2. Several of these are actually pretty useful. It’s all going to come down to the efficiency of the EDGE system to see how usable they will be. I, for one, haven’t had a great experience with finding easy to access public wi-fi hot spots.

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