ZDNet waging FUD campaign against Apple iPhone?

“I understand that journalists want to be cynical and to claim ‘objectivity,'” TWO A DAY reports. “But when 11 bloggers at ZDNET write over 50+ negative blog posts in a little over a week for a product NOT even out yet? What is that?”

TWO A DAY reports, “ZDNET has over 11 blogs that touch upon Apple so of course, the writers are attempting to increase page view counts to get a bigger bonus and at the end of the year, their bosses won’t notice how they got there but out of some 60+ posts in the last week or so, there were about 2 that were positive and 2 that was neutral … really, Apple & the iPhone is such a horrible product that it warrants nearly 50+ negative blog posts and that’s just the last 10 DAYS or so?!”

TWO A DAY reports, “Even when they post news or just a press release, they have to add a snarky comment while most other companies in another blog post just simply get their press release info mostly re-posted with a few neutral or positive comments – are they trying to show they are immune to the ‘reality distortion field’ or the so-called hype?”

TWO A DAY asks, “And who exactly is creating this hype? Is one keynote, one official press conference, 5 ads and now 3 press releases really ‘hype?’ There’s more hype over M&M’s changing color … is it not ‘hype’ when ZDNET chooses to write 60+ articles by 10 different people?”

Full article, with a list of articles in question, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “LinuxGuy and Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]
ZDNet and their parent CNET Networks, Inc. are anti-Apple? Now, how the heck would someone ever get that idea? wink


  1. Halsey Minor founded CNET in 1992 with $5 million in venture capital from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. Intel owns a 5 percent stake in the company. Minor’s aspired to develop a cable network devoted to computers and new technology, with a companion project on the Internet. In April 1995 it launched a weekly half-hour program on the USA Network, and cnet.com, featuring news, product reviews and helpful tips. Today CNET has several Internet sites devoted to topics ranging from computer and technology news to web design, from online gaming to downloadable software, including the web sites ZDNet and Computer Shopper, as well as CNET Download.com

  2. As if real people are paying any attention to the spin doctors. I remember all the negative press ZNet, CNET, etc. gave to the iPod when it arrived. “Doesn’t have this feature, or that spec”, they all crowed. Then they ate some. Even some so called “Mac enthusiast” knocked the iPod. I simply kept buying more AAPL shares.

    Rock on Steve!
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  3. Let me refer you to Steve Jobs’ keynote at MacWorld 1998 — specifically “Steve’s Hierarchy of Skepticism.”

    Apple FUD is simply that, and Apple is not afraid. Steve and Jonny and Phil and Tim and Bertrand and the gang to to work each day giddy about the job ahead and leave each day giddy over a good day’s work. Bet on it.

  4. I listen to the Buzz out loud almost everyday (don’t ask me why) and I also noticed the increasing negativity by the whole crew. Molly has always been an Apple basher no matter what but now even Veronica is at it as well. Constantly ragging about the iPhone or Safari and even iTunes/iPod. It feels more and more contrived IMO. especially when they now tend to praise lame products such as the Zune. Is Microsoft a huge sponsor of ZDNET/CNET? Sure sound that way.

  5. The louder the naysayers get against all things Apple, the more fear they evince that this is, more than likely, the beginning of a very long end of Microsloth dominance.

    Let the trembling begin! (And continue.)

  6. So I went to the AT&T store today because I had a few questions about their network (I’ll be switching from Verizon). Get this: the AT&T rep tried to talk me out of getting an iPhone.

    He said that the Blackberry would do a better job with the internet because it was a true 3G phone. He, of course, forgot to mention that the iPhone has Wi-Fi built in so that I wouldn’t have to use their network every time I want to check email or surf the web. He also tried to tell me that it’s basically the same thing since it’ll play videos and MP3s.

    “Is it compatible with iTunes?” I asked him (already knowing the answer). “Well…no, but-“

    I cut him off by telling him I simply wasn’t interested.

  7. I think the AT&T guy was just trying to get a sale off you on that day, rather than delay it.

    Its probably safe to also assume that, if you buy a blackberry now, you’ll end up with an iPhone eventually, hence doubling their sales.

  8. cnet and zdnet have always been anti-Apple. They love to put out all the negative FUD they can when they get the chance. I never go to either of there sites because of all the FUD they right. There about as good as the inquirer star magazine FUD. You can’t take them seriously.

  9. This harkens back to the TV show in mid-90s – The Site

    Seems things, in fairness to open journalism (ty Soledad), would always come around each time to comparisons of Mac/Wintel, and we all know how that came out (even had Dorkvat around, and know how that came out, too). But can’t imagine the owners/producers were happy campers with the results.

    Check Wikipedia for – The Site – and you’ll be reminded, or learn, about what forces were at work then: MSNBC, ZDNET, et al.

    Those same forces are still in play 10 years later. Perhaps on their last gasps.

    We’ll see.

    The Future

    Begins 29 June


    Thank You, BC

  10. Hey Guys, Wooow,
    MSN is Cool huh, Look Cnet, thats a Shame huh,

    Also On CNN last night They where talking about people not getting work email on the Iphone,

    Which is strange and Un true as if you have outlook most companies should have, web access for this,.
    ie outlook online.

    I was angry when they said that, PS also I have some Domains
    if anyone wants to use them :

    Cool guys ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />


  11. I agree with TWO A DAY. What hype? All Steve did was give one (now two) demonstrations of the iPhone and, recently, some TV adds.

    The only hype is what everyone else is doing (including the competition) after they saw what the iPhone can do.

  12. OK people: Assult on

    Harvey Norman

    PS: all By the way OS 10.5 looks cool: It is 64 Bit
    the Z files system happy they did not put this in as Reliablity is more important. really.

    also The safari System for Progarmmers is a Bit stink I Aggree but So what.

    Best feature is 64 Bit guys I believe people this is cool,
    I am IT manager ,disk issues etc I do not like we need realiable.

  13. Ummm…. I remember liking & watching CNET on Cable here in the UK, because of the world viex of tech reports from India, Europe, Australasia etc. Using people from those places back in 94-97 then they CNET bought ZDNet in 2000, then gave back the web sites under the name?
    Anyway It’s a shame that such a place “programme info & sites” should turn into “resort” to Anger, Hatred & FUD venting at one or any company. I don’t have cable or Sat here in Europe because of no freedom of chioce! I’m not going to pay €65 monthly… & so I look at websites for info & free TV streams such has CNET, I haven’t even bought a newspaper in 13y’s I look up the website.
    MW from MDN is “taking” has in “taking liberties!”

  14. To be honest all these web tech ‘reporters’ opinions are worth fuck all.

    None of them have got an actual iPhone to test or use to review.

    So until they do pay the $ to Apple tp buy one (they have no chance in hell of Apple ever sending them a phone free for review because they are not professional journalists) everything they write is all rubbish.

    Only when the iphone has been out a month will I seriously consider reading a review of the product.

    ZDNet is operated/funded by Microsoft anyway, so even if Apple invented a flying car or a way to travel to the end of the universe in milli-seconds ZDnet would still try and rip the product apart.

    To conclude, no one should consider any reviews or opinions on how good or drap the iphone is until it is out in peoples hands using it.

    Regardless, what all these web amateur hacks write, im definately buying one when it is released in the UK anyway!

    So whatever they write – it’s totally irrelevant!

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