RUMOR: Apple to partner with Nintendo on iPhone games

“With the iPhone days away from being launched Nintendo has apparently begun working with Apple, licensing a limited amount of content for the new phone,” reports.

Noheat reports, “These exclusive games will be released on the iTunes Store at a $29.00 price point a few months after the iPhone launches. No word on whether Nintendo will be distributing iPod versions of these games.”

“Asked anonymously whether or not these games would cut into Nintendo DS sales, we heard a resounding no. The logic is that because the licensed games will be exclusive and cater to an older audience they should not intrude into Nintendo’s existing markets,” Noheat reports.

Full article here.


  1. “$29 – you’ve got to be kidding!”

    Yes, they are kidding. The games are actually free. Nintendo and Apple have both filed for non-profit status. They are also adopting a pure socialist philosophy that eschews capitalism and all private ownership. Relocation scouts were spotted in Havana this morning.

  2. I love the idea of retro nintendo games on the iphone but for $10 – no way would i be paying $30 for this. I’d pay full price for new titles or even more for the ability for Halo or WoW, but SuperMario, Duck Hunt? not gonna happen

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