How did Apple squeeze that extra life out of iPhone’s battery?

“Apple now says the iPhone’s battery is good for up to eight hours of talk time or 250 hours on standby. But what the company isn’t saying is how this has been achieved,” Stephen Withers reports for iTWire.

“We suspect that the battery capacity is unchanged from the January announcement, and that one of two things has happened,” Withers writes.

1. The only thing that’s changed is Apple’s estimate of how long a charge will last.
2. Fine-tuning of the iPhone’s power management and other characteristics.

Withers writes, “Or maybe Apple knew that pundits would find fault with the device (and battery life and the potential for scratched screens have been at or near the top of the list), so it initially left those issues open and sat back waiting to slap the inevitable criticisms down just before the ship date.”

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  1. I can say that other devices are very susceptable to scratched screens. I have a BlackBerry Perl with a screen that scratched while tying to insert it in the holster . . Not impressed. It will be interesting to hear hwo many people try to start whinning about the first little blemish encountered on their new iPhones.

  2. .. or they let the competition think that battery life sucked until the very last moment. That must hurt.

    Exactly. Remember, the only reason they revealed the Phone AT ALL was because they had to (FCC)..

    Why tell the competition more than you need to… they should do this everytime.

  3. CHICAGO (June 19) – AT&T Inc. on Tuesday launched what it said is the first service letting callers share live video between cell phones.

    The new AT&T Video Share service won’t apply to the iPhone, which uses an older network.

  4. be interesting to look back after a couple months of iPhones in the wild. plastic scratches, yes…but Glass CRACKS! it’s gotta have an insanely rigid casing to keep America’s fat asses from cracking the screens when we sit down! wait and see…wait…and…see…

  5. Battery technology is not at a stand still. It is advancing just as are most other techs.

    Could it be possible that Apple has found a supplier of batteries that is making a product that is better now than it used to be? Gee, I wonder.

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