Canadians will have to wait a bit for Apple iPhone

“The most hyped consumer electronics device in years will make its debut on June 29, but Apple Inc.’s iPhone will be conspicuously absent from Canadian store shelves. Sold out? No — just not for sale,” Catherine McLean reports for The Globe and Mail Update.

“The creator of the iPod and Macintosh is focusing on rolling out its latest gadget, a sleek cellphone, in the United States. Other markets will follow, though Apple hasn’t divulged any launch dates,” McLean reports.

“What’s becoming clear is Canadians who want to shell out more than $500 for their own iPhone will have to wait some time for the chance,” McLean reports.

McLean reports, “A likely supplier in Canada, Rogers Communications Inc. [RCI.B-T], recently admitted little was happening on that front. ‘The truth is we aren’t very far with Apple,’ Bill Linton, Rogers’ chief financial officer, told a conference last month. ‘They’re concentrating on this launch and the U.S., and when they decide to turn their mind to other markets, we’ll be in line.'”

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It’s becoming clear? Apple has said from the device’s unveiling on January 9, 2007 that “iPhone will be available in the US in June 2007, Europe in late 2007, and Asia in 2008.” Last time we checked, Canada wasn’t part of the U.S. (yet… eh, just kidding Canucks). Well, The Globe and Mail needed some iPhone-related thing to write about, we guess. Our best guess for Canadian release is around the Europe launch time frame.


  1. The good news is that the Canadian currency is climbing relative to the US peso. We’ll get the iphone for less in the fall than we would have now. Unfortunately, we are greedy and want it now as well.

    MW= Cent as in my 2 cents worth!

  2. Now we wouldn’t want Canuckistani demand to cause shortages in the U.S.A, would we? Canuckasas rebuffed us in 1775 and this is the price they’ll have to pay for refusing to join in our glorious little rebellion.

  3. Hey Tommy Boy, just remember that Canada kicked your ass in the only war the two countries ever fought against each other! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  4. Some folks even argue that Canada isn’t part of America. The same folks insist that South America refers to Texas, not that other place with the rain forests and big cats which sometimes inspire names for operating systems.

  5. Future political geography of the United States & Canada (and pretty much the geographical distribution of thought patterns and intelligence levels right now):

    That greyed-out area is Quebec. It will simply cease to exist.

  6. Canada’s mobile carriers are controlling and want a better deal with Apple and don’t want to give up control.

    There’s a lack of competition in the marketplace, so even if we did get it we’d be paying through the nose for data…. and given that the iPhone is data-centred, you can see why the mobile carriers have dollar signs in their eyes… or will have once they see the US launch… and then… they (hopefully will capitulate)

  7. Canada has cell phone coverage problems because of the paucity of population in certain areas, such that ONStar, for example, is useless in much of the Laurentians north of Montreal. The population distribution is skewed to the six largest cities, making cost effective coverage problematic and non existent in much of the country. Even so, people are asking about the iPhone in Bell and Rogers outlets, whether they can dial out or not. But Apple has to produce French language sales material to address the Canadian market, which makes it more expensive to operate and puts Canada down the priority list. Plus it will take a few months to satisfy the U.S. market.

  8. Very true Andy C.

    Thus giving rise to the current name for the presidential home “The White House” as it was burned down along with the U.S. Treasury, Capitol, and other public buildings in the burning of Washington.

    Just think if it weren’t for Canada we they would likely be calling something like “The Haliburton Center” since it is clearly owned by big oil currently.

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