Are Apple and AT&T really ready to properly launch iPhone?

“Apple’s combination iPod and smartphone, the iPhone, is scheduled to debut at 6p.m. on June 29. The big question isn’t whether or not consumers want it, but whether or not Apple will be able to meet the demand, according to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster,” Jeff Gamet reports for The Mac Observer.

“Mr. Munster expects Apple will have up to 10,000 units on hand at its largest flagship stores and about a million units available throughout its retail shops on launch day. Should Apple be able to maintain an adequate iPhone supply, the company could beat Mr. Munster’s 200,000 sold during the last two days of the June quarter prediction,” Gamet reports.

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There’s a point where secrecy for the sake of competitive advantage is no longer useful. We’re past that point with the iPhone. We’re not talking about supply here per se; we just want to know which AT&T stores will have them on launch day, how both Apple and AT&T plan to deal with lines of customers that may begin days before launch, will unauthorized iPhone waiting lists be in effect or not, what AT&T will offer for iPhone service plans and how much they will cost, etc. From what we’ve seen and heard to date, the iPhone launch just has too many unknowns and doesn’t exactly inspire confidence that, AT&T especially, is ready for launch.


  1. I will but a iPhone sometime during the remainder of 2007. Most likely for my birthday. I will but if from Apple and not from AT&T – just do not fully trust AT&T.

    And I will sign up for one of the AT&T Business Packages – given that AT&T doesn’t try any funny business with it’s pricing packages.

    Otherwise I’ll use as a PDA & IPod till AT&T offers a “flat rate” or a ‘pay as you go” package

  2. “Can we please stop posting news about this phone until it’s actually available?..”

    AND ANOTHER THING… I’m tired of all these politicians on TV. Can we just keep them quiet until after the election? I really don’t want to hear about it until it’s all over.

    And while we’re at it, what’s the deal with talking about the weather 4 or 5 days in advnace? I don’t want to know how hot it is or if there is rain until the end of the day. What’s the point in knowing ahead of time if you can’t do anything about it?



  3. How many people do we have to hear complain about AT&T/Cingular, and how they are going to buy the iPhone from an Apple Store? I mean this is the NEW AT&T! Ha, ha. Why is everyone complaining today? The iPhone is going to rock and sell like mad.

  4. Yeah, the campers…
    Should AAPL+AT&T be responsible for organizing mobile toilettes, for those who camp-out before a store?
    I don’t think, that would be a wise use of resources.
    Also, IMO it’s enough if the details of the plans surface sometime after the 20th or so.
    The phone costs 500 bucks at least, plus the monthly rate, plus whatever you waste on calls. Take some old bills and do the math.
    One or two evenings should be enough to decide, if you _really_, _really_ want it.
    If you just want to get one for the “I got an iPhone on the first day”-tshirt bragging rights, maybe you should rather get a life…

  5. @freakshow

    There are plenty of lists alright – I’m on 3 lists for an iPhone on day one, but without preorder money down and a receipt they are all total BS. The one guarantee is first come first serve. Does anyone really think a store is going to hold iPhones for a list of people that put no money down when there is a line outside the door with people with cash in hand?

  6. I’m sitting this one out because AT&T wireless service sucks. Apple may rue the day they decided to partner with these jokers. Who cares if they have a million phones on hand or not, the problem is going to be getting all of those new wireless accounts setup on 6/29. It will likely be an absolute nightmare, and I’m sure that horror stories will abound.

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