Apple says no ZFS for Mac OS X Leopard [UPDATED]

“An Apple official on Monday said Sun Microsystems’ open-source file system would not be in the next version of the Mac operating system, contradicting statements made last week by Sun’s chief executive,” Antone Gonsalves reports for InformationWeek.

“During an interview with InformationWeek, Brian Croll, senior director of product marketing for the Mac OS, said, ‘ZFS is not happening,’ when asked whether Sun’s Zettabyte File System would be in Leopard. Instead, Leopard would use Apple’s current hierarchical file system, called HFS+. The Apple file system was first introduced in 1998 in Mac OS 8.0,” Gonsalves reports.

“Croll declined to comment on statements made last week by Sun Chief Executive Jonathan Schwartz, who said the use of ZFS would be announced at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. Upon further questioning, Croll would only confirm that Apple had never said ZFS would be a part of Leopard,” Gonsalves reports. “A representative with Sun did not have any immediate comment.”

Full article here.

[UPDATE: 11:39pm EDT: Apple: Mac OS X Leopard will use ZFS – June 12, 2007]


  1. ZFS implementation should have not ben announced by SUN. They should have known better not to mention anything before Apple does… just remember how Apple switched to nVidia when ATI made a mistake by telling that their products will be in the new Apple that were going to be announced the next day.
    I am just curious if Apple would still implement ZFS later or would they come up with a version of their own… just to screw SUN for mentioning Apple’s product features before hand.

  2. The guys at The Register had this to say about ZFS: ZFS is a high-performance 128-bit file system originally created by Sun for its Solaris operating system. It’s distributed as an open source package”.
    * 128-bit file system … yummy, but not required for 99.99% of OSX Clients
    * open source … no problem with suits for ‘unauthorized use’
    * the link to Mac4ever (above) shows that ZFS is supported on 10.5

    It sounds like the bases are covered.

    DLMeyer – the Voice of G.L.Horton’s Stage Page Pod Cast

  3. What happened was that someone blabbed it and Apple nixed it. When will CEO’s learn not to pre-announce stuff in Apple’s product line? It happened to a graphics manufacturer (ATI, I believe) 3 or so years ago and they had to scramble to get back into good standing with Apple.

  4. Well it’s simple what happened

    Steve Jobs only touted 10 of the 300 new features of Leopard at the Keynote.

    ZFS is one that obviously didn’t make the top ten list.

    What Apple can do is carefully watch what of the remaining 289 features appear on the internet and find the moles in the hords of developers.

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  6. I have little doubt that ZFS would have been one of the top secret items in Leopard.

    Then that putz at Sun wanted to blow the secret by announcing it first.

    Steve Jobs pulled ZFS when he heard a top executive mouthing off.

    I for one am glad Steve pulled it. That will teach that a$$hole from thinking he can reveal top secret items before Steve.

    Bet you the Sun executive is trying to explain himself directly to Steve and Steve isn’t returning his calls.

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