VMware offers Fusion for $39.99 for a limited time

VMware Fusion public beta, Mac OS X virtualization software that allows users to run Windows, Linux, or Solaris and their applications at the same time as Mac OS X without rebooting, is a free download and is available now.

VMware has annunced that, for a limited time, VMware Fusion is available for pre-order for only $39.99, which is a 50% savings over the suggested retail price of $79.99 when VMware Fusion is released for general availability.

Pre-orders include a final VMware Fusion license key that will be emailed to you immediately and your credit card will be charged.

You may use this license key to immediately run VMware Fusion Beta 4, any release candidate builds, and the final VMware Fusion 1.0 released product.

More info here.


  1. Hmmm. Decisions. Should I switch? Well, its cheaper than Parallels now. I missed the upgrade price from Parallels. And I think Fusion works better with Linux. And I think VMware has a much longer shelf life than Parallels.

  2. 2 million downloads of Bootcamp eh?

    Wonder how many of those were PC to Mac switchers? Lets say 50%. That’s 1 million new Mac users that wouldn’t have switched. And the other 1 million dual booting or worse, switched to Windows permently on their Mac’s.

    That leaves 20 million Mac users who didn’t want to leave Mac OS X out of 22 million total so far.

    Of course then there is a good portion that have started using Parellels or VMware, say that’s another 2 million.

    So now it’s 18 million strickly Mac OS X and 4 million now using Windows in some fashion on Mac’s.

    So roughly, Apple sold 2 million new Mac’s it might not have sold otherwise in exchange for allowing Windows on 18% of it’s platform.

    Well there’s a percentage on Linux/Mac OS X and not using Windows too.

  3. I’ll definitely be getting VMWare Fusion, even in beta 3 (and with debugging turned on) it’s been running a little faster then Parallels 2.5 and effects OSX less. With Parallels I’ve run into issues where starting up the VM will freeze OSX for several seconds, making it nearly imposable to do anything until it’s unfrozen, Fusion has had no such problems.

    True Parallels has several ‘neto’ options, but nothing that is really worth the slowdown.

  4. I tried the Fusion demo and Windows XP sniveled that I had to reactivate my license within 3 days. I made the phone call to get the 42 digit number to enter in XP. Fusion seems OK.

    I started Parallels and Windows XP sniveled again that I had to reactivate. I made another phone call and got a NEW 42 digit number to enter into XP.

    I paid for Parallels so I think I will pass on Fusion for now. I have better things to do than talking to a recording at Micro$oft and entering activation codes.

    If you try to reactivate through the internet you get sent to a page wanting your money for another license. A couple of hundred bucks.

    When you choose to make the phone call Windows XP gives you a 40 some digit number to tell them and after they check it you get the 42 digit reactivation number. I assume they can tell that it is the same computer but they can’t tell what changes have been made, they think it is new hardware.

    Whatever the differences are between Parallels and Fusion Windows XP thinks that you are trying to install on a new computer.

  5. I think it’s more a case that Parallels have released their 3D graphics accelleration version. That on top of Coherence mode, and you have some pretty neat features.

    VM Ware’s trump card was previously the 3D accelleration, but that is no more.

  6. So far in my family we have two Intel macs (and 2 G5 s, 3 G4s), both running boot camp/XP for gaming, but everything else (Productivity, Multimedia) is done in OS X.

    I tried Parallels but had install problems and was waiting for DirectX support. Now I’m considering VMWare. I sure hope an objective review/comparison is posted before this discount offer expires!

  7. I am using parallels operating system and have had a lot of problems with it slowing the mac os to the point of having to quit parallel and sometime rebooting the mac os. I have one gig memory and have used many different memory settings. I may give vnware a try.

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