MacDailyNews presents live Steve Jobs’ WWDC 2007 Keynote coverage

Live coverage of Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ WWDC 2007 keynote address in reverse chronological order:

• Jobs wraps up, says thanks. End of keynote presentation.
• Companies (Goolge, Salesforce) already building iPhone apps this way right now
• So, build iPhone apps via built-in web services
• Can email, direct dial, link to Google Maps, etc. from web app.
• Showing corporate address book database with LDAP – took one person less than a month to code. Looks just like a built-in iPhone app.
• Showing samples of iPhone apps that run within Safari.
• Apple has come up with secure solution: Web 2.0 and AJAX apps – behave just like regular apps on iPhone using full Safari engine on iPhone. Devs can go live on June 29 with iPhoen apps.
• Opening iPhone platform to developers …
• One Last Thing: iPhone – Ships June 29th at 6pm local time.
• Public beta of Safari 3 released today.
• Safari 3 (for Mac and Windows) -Tabs can be dragged around to be reorganized, dragged off into new windows (lower case “w.”)
• Demos Safari for Windows which has built-in Google and Yahoo! search.
• Safari “twice as fast” as IE 7, 1.6x faster than Firefox 2 – Apple now has the most innovative and fastest browser on Windows.
• Jobs debuts Safari for Windows (Duck! Was that a chair coming from the direction of Redmond?)
• Safari market share up to 4.9%
• One More Thing: Safari – 18 million users.
• Leopard retail prices: “Basic version = US$129, Premium version = $129.” (laughter) One version contains everything. grin
• Devs get free Mac OS X Leopard preview today.
• Jobs: “That’s just 10 of over 300 new features.”
• Time Machine backs up locally or via network – preview via Quick Look, restore file or entire Mac with one click.
• Plug drive onto Airport Extreme Base Station and use Time Machine on multiple Macs.
• Time Machine: One click ease-of-use.
• Phil puts his mouth on photo of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, sticks tongue out as Ballmer is wont ot do (laughter).
• Sharing video – All Quick Look files work with iChat Theater. Collaboration on documents via iChat.
• Keynote presentaion via iChat demo with Phil Schiller.
• Tabbed chats, iChat Theater and Backdrops
• iChat gets better audio quality with AAC-Low Delay codec
• iChat: Photo Booth features in iChat
• Use Safari to make Dashboard Widegts from web pages using “WebClip”
• Over 3,00 Widgets now – Dashboard a big hit.
• Dashboard: Movie Times Widget from Apple – search times, see trailers, buy tickets (Fandango).
• “Spaces” – moving quickly between spaces features drag and drop ease. Birds eye view of all Spaces.
• Boot Camp runs XP and Vista at native speed. Complement to virtualization products from other firms. Apple working with Paralles and VMWare to help them with their virtualization products.
• Leopard will integrate Boot Camp – no more CD burns for drivers.
• Boot Camp – 2.5 million downloads to date.
• Core animation is automatic animation.
• “Core Animation” – easy to use, easy to add to apps.
• Loading 4GB photo – 64-bit did it in 0:28, 32-bit in 0:81 seconds
• Conducting 32-bit vs. 64-bit shootout…
• First mainstream operating system to be fully 64-bit.
• Mac OS X Leopard is fully 64-bit. Single Leopard version runs 32- and 64-bit apps. side-by-side.
• Quick Look capable of full screen
• “Quick Look” – live file previews – works with popular filetypes – plug-ins allow for other file types to be added.
• “Back to My Mac” – .Mac serves as central hub – browse other Macs over network via Cover Flow
• Smart search incorporated into new sidebar.
• View folder contents via Cover Flow in Finder.
• New Finder with new sidebar – easy to browse network
• Stacks can function as application launcher. Stacks – clean up desktop.
• QuickTime vids in Stack.
• Stacks are folders in Dock – fan out or via grid. Instantly get contents of folders.
• Stacks demo…
• Buh-bye brushed metal UI. Leopard gets consistent UI.
• Leopard features new Desktop, photrealistic, Stacks, menubar changes depending on Desktop, new Dock.
• 300 new Leopard features – We’ll see 10 of them today
• 22 million active Mac OS X users currently. 67% using Tiger. 23% on Panther. Rest on older versions.
• Jobs: Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger was the most succcessful release in Apple’s history
• Entire 3-D game world covered in 20GB of texture. Thanks, John.
• John Carmack id games – first time showing new next-gen game tech…
• Taking about simultaneous EA game releases coming in July
• Electronic Arts (EA) coming back to Mac in big way…
• Otellini, “Working with Apple has been one of the best things that’s happened in my career, but the best is still to come.”
• Intel CEO Paul Otellini takes stage re: Mac’s smooth Intel transistion.
• 5,000+ in attendance today. Largest WWDC in Apple’s history.
• Steve Jobs takes the stage.
• Parody “Get a Mac” ad playing. PC guy pretends to be Steve Jobs, says “I Quit.” Audience laughs.
• Apple’s online storehas gone offline. We’ll be back soon. We are busy updating the store for you and will be back shortly.
• Getting close to the start…
• Please DO NOT RELOAD this page manually to minimize server activity due to expected high traffic. Thank you.
• Several banners are shrouded in black and should be revealed as Jobs’ keynote ends.
• People are in the process of taking their seats…
— — —
• Keynote is scheduled to begin at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 5pm GMT.


  1. Wake me up when September ends.

    So now we will see all of the Lepoards spots.

    Somebody get Steve Ballmer a chair to throw.

    Investigate what’s installed in EFI for your own privacy.

    MDW: early. It’s much too early to be waiting here. Come back at 1PM EST.

  2. As a pre-emptive measure, employees at Microsoft’s Redmond campus are being asked to stand up as they work today. All office chairs were moved to a secure, undisclosed location over the weekend as a safety precaution pending today’s WWDC keynote announcements.

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