AT&T’s sales training workbook leaks iPhone details

“We’ve gotten copies of the full iPhone Training manual provided to AT&T employees that gives us a few more details about Apple’s iPhone,” arn reports for Mac Rumors.

The training manual is broken down into features of the iPhone and Mac Rumors has provided a list of highlights and links to the actual scans of the workbook.

A few points to whet your appetite:

• GPS is not part of the iPhone feature set
• Users can have a voice conversation whilst browsing the web “when Wi-Fi access is available”
• Media Net, MobiTV, or Cellular Video are not available on iPhone
• iPhone users will not be able to conduct IM conversations with instant messaging users
• iPhone features vibrate mode

Full article here.


  1. GPS is not part of the iPhone feature set”

    look hhow it’s written – they could have said : It does not have GPS –

    I think the Iphone can have gps as a plug in (think Nike +) or as bluetooth car kit

  2. “iPhone users will not be able to conduct IM conversations with instant messaging users”

    Google’s GMail does chat with a web interface. Unfortunately, it’s IE/Firefox only. (JavaScript issues perhaps?)

    In principle if Apple can’t put iChat on there, or AT & T won’t agree to that, you could still do it by means of a web app, like GMail … providing the web app worked with Safari.

  3. Calling Shannigans SHANNIGANS… Your tell me that ATT let these people keep that manual B.S No way they had a meeting and the manager took them back after. This is some really good B.S. No one can get there hands on any Iphone stuff, but this person does. Oh yeah and you can send messages with pictures. It’s actually on the Apple Website, an Jobs did that during his last WWDC presentation. Still calling this is a real good fake. Oh yeah what about a Voice Recorder. I use mine alot on my palm. Good Feature but does the iphone have that??

  4. What is the big deal with GPS. I never lost enough to need GPS, it is merely a cool looking feature when it works. A map is nice and as long as I have an elegant map then I am fine. If I need GPS to go on a date, then I dont need to be on that date. GPS is a battery draining, peformance draining feature best left to the stand alone GPS devices offered in many car stereos or Tom Toms and Garmins.

  5. Does the iPhone support voice recognition? I’d hate to think the only way I could make a phone call in my car was to use the user interface of the iPhone. When I’m driving, I’d rather just speak the name of the person I want to call.

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