Apple’s official list of iPhone specs and requirements

“Apple’s iPhone is coming on June 29th, and surprisingly few details have been leaked about the phone itself, beyond the original specs described in January,” Mac Rumors reports.

Mac Rumors reports that they’ve obtained the official list of specs that Apple lists for the upcoming device.

Most of the specs are no surprise, but the list does show that the iPhone has an accessible SIM tray.

Full list here.


  1. Why the iPhone doesn’t have a vibrate option is beyond me. How is one supposed to use the phone on silent without missing calls? How can that not be a problem for business customers and customers like me where at work, the ring must be turned off? And it looks like the camera indeed does NOT support video. Unless that’s something that can change via software or firmware, it’s also disappointing. I guess I need to focus on what it does have than what it doesn’t. Gen 2 iPhone has some serious room for growth it looks like. Regardless of the drawbacks, I must have one now!

  2. Disregard my last comment on VIBRATE. Another post shows it indeed has it. That’s good. What’s not good is no camera video, no GPS, no 3G, and no voice activation. Those omissions for me are huge. Alas, I must have one.

  3. What? No 802.11n? That’s the deal breaker for me. That along with not being able to install third-party apps, battery is non-replaceable, no GPS, physical keyboard, can’t run Parallels, no Microsoft Office and to top it off, it can’t turn into a table top.

    Apple sure messed up the iPhone.

  4. Amazing it is that so much conjecture on capabilities decided can be by reading a simple list of specs. There is much power of the force in MDN readers.

    Or maybe I should just say, “May the Schwartz be with you.”

  5. This can’t be official because we all know the phone isn’t quad band. It was only certified to have 2/4 frequencies. Maybe I’m wrong, whatever. I’ll believe everything when I power that sucker on ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />.

  6. I’ll buy every version they release. I’ll even keep the old ones in a shoebox, just like every model iPod I have collecting dust. Ahh, the good ol’ first gen iPod with it’s FireWire port on the top and that funky scroll-wheel contraption. Someday I’ll be able to show the grand-kiddies first hand examples of true innovation.

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