Apple and Google cross paths in more than one way

“The march toward Apple’s iPhone launch has sparked widespread buzz, but the bigger development may be how the device is bringing together two titans of tech,” Daniel Del’Re reports for

“Beginning with the iPhone, Apple and Internet search leader Google are set to cross paths in more than one way as the companies stake their claim in the growing mobile market for communications, entertainment and Internet browsing,” Del’Re reports.

“Apple has already intimated that its new phone, selling at $500 for the base model, will come loaded with Google’s search and mapping applications. And last week, Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs announced that videos from Google’s YouTube can be streamed wirelessly from computers to Apple TV set-top boxes for viewing on televisions,” Del’Re reports.

“The collaboration foreshadows a deeper partnership that extends into video distribution and advertising on mobile devices,” Del’Re reports.

“Apple products have an intangible ‘cool factor’ that surrounds their sleek designs and user-friendly software. But the company needs more than that to compel consumers to shell out $500 or $600 for the iPhone, which is scheduled to be released on June 29. Hesitant buyers may be more likely to open their wallets if videos from YouTube — already available on many mobile devices — are forthcoming,” Del’Re reports.

MacDailyNews Take: Now there’s a stupid paragraph. Hesitant iPhone buyers will buy because of YouTube videos? Sheesh.

Del’Re continues in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “LinuxGuy and Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]


  1. I must admit that the idea of watching lots of small YouTube movie clips (lasting between a few seconds and a few minutes) on an iPhone wouldn’t be a big selling point for me.

    Start streaming movies and tv shows and then it starts getting interesting.

  2. In addition, the iPhone is doomed to failure because it doesn’t offer Ogg Vorbis audio support, DivX playback, or full 1080p. Just ask the guys on Slashdot, they’ll tell ya!

    P.S. Dooooooooomed!

  3. Yes, the 12 people on the planet who use or know about Ogg vorbis won’t buy an iPhone so it is doomed to failure?
    Divx playback?
    The average person has no clue as to what divx is or that it sucks-so why would they want it?

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