AT&T planning IPTV for Apple TV in 2008?

Apple Store“Maybe this shouldn’t come as that much of a surprise, but when AT&T execs talk about having a long and close relationship with Apple, they’re not just planning on putting out future iPhones,” Peter Rojas reports for Engadget.

“A well-connected source tells us that AT&T and Apple are working on adding IPTV [Internet Protocol Television] capabilities to the Apple TV beginning sometime next year,” Rojas reports.

Rojas reports that it’s “too early to say whether this would be a blown-out offering a full package of channels aimed at replacing your current cable/satellite service, a more limited selection of on-demand programming…”

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General info about IPTV:

MacDailyNews Take: This is starting to sound like some “hobby,” huh?


  1. IPTV, Internet Protocol Television. That would make an interesting an compelling reason to have an Apple TV as long as they could cut the ad bulls—. I’ve seen more car, acne and feminine hygiene commercials than anyone should ever be forced to watch. No I don’t want to buy f—ing Tampax, now go away and SDFU! Ads are about as annoying as those system popups in Windows saying they’ve discovered your USB device, or are hiding inactive notification icons or that they want to clean the unused desktop icons off. Ok, you’re working! Do you want a f—ing cookie?

  2. “I hate to appear dense, but what exactly is IPTV?”

    basically tv over the net, but done nicer and more instant than something like joost, though i though iptv was managed by microsoft, its coming to xbox soon

  3. You have to admire Apple’s effectiveness in building healthy symbiotic relationships as of late.

    Google, AT&T (birthplace of UNIX lets not forget) … No doubt we’re going to see more with Cisco and Sun Microsystems in the future. Is Apple going to ignore the enterprise? I don’t think so.

  4. … we just did not understand it would be via ATT, but more likely Google…

    Google is rumored to have tons of black fiber ready to turn on at the flip of a switch, but Apple has ATT now onboard and the partnership may be the right move, as Google may be looking at running their own service and leaving Apple out in the cold.

    ATT or Google solve the backbone bandwidth costs.

    Of course, Steve will want to give what consumers want over Cable and Dish – which is channels al-a-carte, which is perfect!

    Comcast and Dish networks will grip when people can purchase ESPN for $2.99 a month, or $4.99 in HD, with limited commercials…

    Here is the kicker. If Apple takes $.25 a month, ESPN gets their $2 a month (as they do from Comcast or Dish), then ATT gets their $.75 a month for bandwidth costs.

    Granted, $.75 is not enough to cover ATT’s backbone costs, but then again, that is “free” bandwidth for their own use, so it is newly realized revenue.

    Add onto this Apple paid ESPN for airtime, so Apple and ATT can insert their own ads, or at least a good portion of the advertising (however it works out with each network), and the results are Apple-ATT become an advertising Google, while giving consumers exactly what they want. A way to access only the channels they want, without being forced into lame packages and channel bundles by Cable and Dish netowrks.

    Should this hit by the fall, Apple will be well on its way to getting movie studio’s to pony up their content in purchase and rental forms for iTunes.

    Understand, this is only the beginning of two huge growth markets for Apple. Home entertainment and mobile communications.

  5. only reason His Steveness called it a hobby is obvious. Keep the focus away from it!!

    It has so much potantial it is Unreal.
    I say they should buy a content provider – maybe Warner. Warner, Disney Apple, Google, AT&T – man!

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