Apple will need to quickly adapt Apple TV to keep up with rapidly evolving market

Apple Store“I got my first look at the Apple TV device the other day, and I have to say I liked what I saw. But it’s unlikely I’ll buy one anytime soon,” Arik Hesseldahl writes for BusinessWeek.

“I’ve argued with myself about whether I want to buy one, and right now I’m leaning toward holding off, for a variety of reasons. To begin with, there’s the inconvenient fact of my TV habits. I’m loyal to one, maybe two shows at a time. I loved The West Wing on NBC, and have in the last few years gone mad for Battlestar Galactica on the Sci Fi channel, and just recently lamented the end of Rome on HBO,” Hesseldahl writes.

“Of those, the only one I have any experience watching in a downloaded format is Battlestar… I can’t imagine going to the trouble to buy and set up an Apple TV, especially for just one show. Purchasing the device makes much more sense if you buy lots of video content from iTunes,” Hesseldahl writes.

“Many people apparently do. Last month Apple disclosed that it has sold some 50 million downloads of TV shows and 1.3 million movies,” Hesseldahl writes.

Apple TV “needs to do more than it does now—which Apple has already admitted. Its plans for accounting for Apple TV revenue over two years indicates that Apple has some big plans for updating the device with more capabilities through software updates over time,” Hesseldahl writes.

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  1. I bought one just last week when I got a new HDTV and I love it. And Jimbo is right, it’s the entire package that is so great. Sure, you can watch videos, but I’ve actually used it more so far for playing my iTunes music library thru my home theater system than I have watching videos on it. And it’s interface is definitely MUCH more elegant than any piece of sh*t Media Center PC I’ve ever seen. I’m also definitely looking forward to the future capabilities that will be added via software updates, because we all know Apple has much more up their sleeve when it comes to the Apple TV than just what it will do today.

  2. Unfortunatly the AppleTv was a big turn off for me.

    There is just TOO MUCH VIDEO CONTENT in order to be messing with it, saving it, burning DVD’s for backup and clogging hard drive space. Much less buying sub HD quality and then having to have another device in addition to a computer, to watch it on a big HD screen.

    It’s just too darn complicated.

    People want it cheap, instant and easy with a huge selection.

    Until Apple provides this, I’m not buying anymore expensive toys. I’m tired of working for my content when it’s supposed to work for me.

  3. I love my TV, I don’t do many shows or movies, but for music and photos, it has paid for itself. I have had several parties and people just stand and watch the photos spin away. Even a MS big whig I had at one party loved the device (though he thought the MS offering was almost as good).

    If I’m happy now, I can’t wait for the free updates to add new features.

  4. Disney announced yesterday that they would begin streaming HD content within a couple months. WHO is Disney’s largest shareholder? Are you getting it? HD content coming to iTunes real soon (720P) therefore HD streaming to Apple TV in HD, so those complaining about poor video quality can STFU. Go buy one. I love mine.

  5. why would someone who does not watch tv, write a review about apple tv?

    I love my apple tv almost as much as my macbookpro. Not only do i listen to my itunes music collection on my home entertainment system, but I just discovered podcasts because the option in apple tv made me curious.

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