Analyst: Apple to debut flash laptop soon

Apple Store“Apple will release a laptop featuring solid state flash memory ‘soon,’ according to Sequoia Capital’s Jason Calacanis,” Jonny Evans reports for Macworld UK.

“Speaking on his regular podcast, Calacanis claimed to have information from a ‘well-placed source’ that confirms the plans,” Evans reports.

“Intel’s recent release to manufacturers of its new ‘Santa Rosa’ laptop processor has added more fuel to these flames,” Evans reports. “Santa Rosa implements support for solid state memory in a way which can be deployed to boost laptop start-up times and battery life.”

“Santa Rosa chips offer longer battery life and faster Core 2 Duo processors, alongside support for the draft version of 802.11n wireless networking and a Turbo Memory feature that supplements the standard hard drive with NAND flash for faster booting,” Evans reports.

Full article, with link to Calacanis’ podcast, here.


  1. What about hard drive space?? Will the graphics card support Motion 3? How could Leopard and Vista both install and run well alongside big apps with only a 32gig drive?
    Will this just be a quick internet general function device or
    a full blown mobile solution?

  2. If you have a keyboard and a “source,” that apparently qualifies you to be an analyst. Most of the participants in the MDN forums could write more interesting (and more accurate) articles than many of the self-proclaimed analysts and consultants.

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