RUMOR: Apple may build 3G wireless into future notebook

Apple Store“An unproven but seemingly credible source has told AppleInsider that a new wireless module is allegedly in the works for Apple that will deliver third-generation cellular Internet access in a future Mac notebook model,” Aidan Malley reports for AppleInsider.

“Declining to provide company names due to the sensitive nature of the work, the industry source claims that Apple has asked for a PCI Express mini-card adapter that would be integrated within its portables and provide WWAN (Wireless Aide Area Network) connections without resorting to an external ExpressCard or USB modem,” Malley reports.

Malley reports, “What’s unclear from the report, however, is which networks Apple is looking to support. The source was unable to identifying whether or not Apple would produce a card for EVDO Internet access, which is supported by Sprint and Verizon in the US, or HSDPA, supported by AT&T and European carriers.”

“The contact shortlisted the MacBook Pro as a possible candidate, but declined to say whether the adapter would be ready in time for the near-future update. Then, of course, there’s also that sub-notebook due out from the Cupertino-based Mac maker around year’s-end,” Malley reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. yup churn out the rumors…did you hear of the one about the multi display laptop?

    the “keyboard area” is actually a reconfigurable LCD touch interface…

    Like a big nintendo DS

  2. appleinsider just churn out every possible rumour based on every possible advance in technology.

    I’m sure Apple are playing around with the possibility of building in 3G but that doesn’t mean it will ever be released. If they find it has genuinely useful implementations and can be done well then we might see something.

    They’ve probably also considered GPS, barcode scanners, cup holders and god knows what else.

  3. Why integrate a WiFi module in a notebook? If the technology for wireless is changing quickly this means Apple has built in obsolescence. Better to use extenal modules than be stuck with a lame internal module taking up valuble space.

  4. It’s funny, when I read about the new 13″MBP with led backlighting, I thought it would be perfect if it had built-in WWAN, but then I realized it would most likely be Cingular, and then the obvious reason why this can’t be true became, obvious. If the iPhone doesn’t have 3G because it’s not ubiquitous, then why would the rumored 13″MBP have it? It wouldn’t, and then I knew my dream notebook was just a dream.

  5. Who’s behind MDN?

    Apple has had, for many years even before Steve Jobs return, a “evangilsm arm” that it’s sole purpose was to “keep the faith” of the Mac-Addicts online.

    I’ve recieved a email once from a real Apple mole which I later posted to this site.

    Anyway the fireworks that resulted because of the leak undeniable point to Apple as the “Man behind the curtain” here at MDN.

    Now you now, read this quick because it will most likely get deleted.

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