Japanese government looks to dump Microsoft

“Oracle, NEC, IBM, HP, Hitachi and Dell are among 10 IT equipment and software vendors that are forming a consortium to develop and sell Linux-based servers and computers for the Japanese market. The move by the vendors to collaborate on Linux in Japan comes from a edict from the country’s government to make Linux and open source a priority for all IT procurements, starting this July. The central government of Japan says it plans to spend around $1.25 trillion yen, or $10.4 billion, on IT over the next year,” Phil Hochmuth reports for Network World.

“The government has said explicitly it wants to decrease its reliance on Microsoft as a server operating system platform,” Hochmuth reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Anything that loosens Microsoft’s grip and helps the world move out of The Dark Ages of Personal Computing is a very good thing.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “RadDoc” for the heads up.]


  1. Wow. I just tried apple.com on my iBook and it really is faster. I’ve never seen it perform so well. The transitions are almost instantaneous. They sure have done something, Or else we are the only people in the world viewing their site.

  2. I am surprised that this hasn’t happened before, and more that they (Japanese) haven’t solved the problem on their own. The Japanese seem to be very proud people. I have a hard time seeing them as MS slaves. I remember talk of Sony making a Linux based OS, but I guess it bore no fruit.

  3. Well, just because they’re not jumping to Apple doen’t make this bad news at all. It is another nail in MS’ coffin regardless. This is just the beginning.

    Five years ago I was asked by a colleague if I thought Apple could overtake MS one day. I told him “MS did it to IBM, so why not?” He called me a stupid asshole that knew nothing about the technology industry.

    He apologized to me last week. My how times have changed.

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