Apple’s website traffic skyrockets in April, up 42-percent over March

Apple StorecomScore Media Metrix today released its monthly analysis of U.S. consumer activity at top online properties and categories for April 2007.

“Events like the pet food recall, which affected millions across the nation, demonstrate how powerful a medium the Web has become for disseminating important information,” said Jack Flanagan, executive vice president of comScore Media Metrix, in the press release. “Ten years ago, an event such as this could have been even more problematic if the millions of potentially affected consumers were not able to quickly and easily access information vital to their pets’ safety and well-being.”

As the top-gaining property in April, saw traffic surge 72 percent to 4.6 million visitors as numerous consumers sought information on the pet food recall. The Nestlé property also experienced significant gains in April, up 34 percent to 4.7 million visitors, driven largely by traffic to the Purina Web site.

Apple Inc. was the #4 web property (Yahoo! Sites #1) by percentage change in unique visitors, up 42% over March 2007’s 27,317,000 unique visitors with 38,789,000 unique visitors in April and the lucky #13 web property overall (U.S. home, work and university Internet users).

More info in the press release here.

Douglas A. McIntyre, a partner at 24/7 Wall St., thinks “the iPhone as the probable driver of new traffic. And why not? The anticipation of the phone, which is scheduled to go on sale in June, has stirred a tsunami of press attention. Apple’s website traffic may be another indication that the product launch create[d] more demand that is expected.”

Full article via BloggingStocks here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “RadDoc” for the heads up.]


  1. Increased interest in everything Mac and iPod (and iPhone), leading to increased traffic to, leading to increased Mac market share. There’s no “maybe” about it…

  2. Ahem… Apple IS porn; techno-porn that is.

    There’s an expensive kitchen-porn cook tools shop near me that pulls the ladies in like flies …

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  3. …them we just keep thinking how the next hot product migth be….maybe a new printer that works without software or airdisk for ipod via airport extreme,or even a new apple camera compatible with iphoto and aperture;let´s just wait and see.

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