Why Security Pros use Apple Macs

Apple Store“Why do I insist on using a Mac as my primary work machine? More specifically, why an Intel Core2-based MacBook Pro? It’s probably not the reason that you think,” Chief reports for ITtoolbox Blogs.

Chief reports, “Security professionals need not hide behind the argument that avoiding Microsoft Products is the end-all solution to a secure computing environment. Security Professionals have much better reasons, and those were amplified when I talked to other folks at CEIC 2007 over the last few days. I was astounded at the number of Mac laptops that were present. It was easily twice the number from last year.”

Read the reasons in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “G” for the heads up.]


  1. “Whether this is because OS X is so secure, or because the miscreants want to capitalize on market share to make their bucks”

    Someone explain to me how people writing viruses make money from doing it. I understand people that send scam emails and phishing emails, but thats human engineering, not software engieneering.

    Explain how a virus writer makes money from going after Widnows vs macOSX.

    Someone? Anyone?

  2. @macromancer

    Here is how:

    Rogue dialler Trojans, which change victim’s net settings to dial expensive premium rate accounts

    Keylogging Trojans in phishing scams can make a lot of money.

    Spam: 40 per cent of spam comes from infected computers. People are willing to pay to have their messages sent in mass spam mailings

    So, there are a few incentives to write viruses. It’s also for the argument that Macs small market share is a reason why it’s not a target.

  3. @Macromancer

    He never mentioned viruses in the paragraph you’re quoting. In fact the article doesn’t mention the word virus at all.

    He did however, mention malware and keyloggers fall into that category and keylogging has been a pretty lucrative business.

  4. > …because the miscreants want to capitalize on market share to make their bucks

    It’s not market share that the “miscreants” capiltalize on. It’s ease of access and exploitation. Even if Mac OS X market share was equal to Windows market share, the hackers would still focus on creating malware for Windows. Why? Because it’s relatively easy to create malware for Windows that does something worth exploiting, and can self-propagate over the ‘net. As the recent security contest showed, it is very difficult to create malware for Mac OS X, and even if you do so, it is not self-propagating and require action on the part of the user (such going to a web site with malicious code or running a program disguished as something else). And at most, the hacker might gain user account level access (not Root), which does not turn a Mac into a spambot.

    So the bottom line is that Windows is easy, Mac OS X is hard. Windows exploits (of which there are many) are lucrative, Mac OS X exploits (of which there are very few) are not worth the effort. As long as Windows is there, being a big fat sitting duck, Mac OS X will be secure. And it’s not because of “market share.”

  5. ken1w says:
    “As long as Windows is there, being a big fat sitting duck, Mac OS X will be secure.”

    I didn’t think that the Mac’s security was dependant on the existence of Windows. So, it IS market share according to you.

  6. Let’s face it, if Windows 95/98 was as secure back in the 90’s as Mac OS X is now, the ‘malware problem’ would never have even started.

    Being attacked by malware is not inevitable with a secure OS.

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