RUMOR: Apple’s forthcoming ultra-portable sub-notebook to get 13-inch LED backlit display

Apple Store“Apple continues to pound away on an ultra-thin portable designed to capture a slice of the growing sub-notebook market and boost sales in Japan,” Kasper Jade reports for AppleInsider.

“In what’s sure to be a warmly received move, people familiar with initiative tell AppleInsider that the Mac maker plans to go easy on our eyesight and is building the model around stunning, ultra-thin, 13-inch LED backlit display,” Jade reports.

Jade reports, “Here’s a summary of what we know and don’t know about the next-gen Apple sub-notebook.”

What we know:
• 13-inch ultra-thin, LED-back lit display
• No optical disc drive
• On-board NAND flash for faster application launching and boot times
• Built-in iSight webcam
• Thinner and lighter than existing MacBook offerings
• AirPort Extreme 802.11n enabled
• MagSafe power adapter
• Target launch late ’07, early ’08

What we don’t know:
• Precise Intel architecture (but appears to be Santa Rosa-based)
• Target price point
• RAM and HDD storage capacity and expandability
• I/O port breakdown
• Operating system software (appears to be Leopard)
• Expected battery life
• Enclosure makeup

Full article, including info on MacBook Pro, MacBook, and iMac updates, here.


  1. We all know this is not accurate. here is the real report:

    4x4x4 cubed device.

    Side 1: holographic projector
    Side 2: holographic multi touch interface
    Side 3: USB & Power ports
    Side 4: User replaceable Fuel Cell
    Side 5: RFID sensor
    Side 6: Ruber Feet (bottom)

  2. “Should be 12″ and include an optical drive in my opinion with a matt screen.”

    Those features are sooooo 90’s. Or something. Old anyway. Antique.

    Widescreen is here to stay, hence 13″. Optical drive? Can’t make it ultra-slim with one. Matte screen? Oooooold. Why not use a CRT screen, LOL. Glossy screens look so much better.

  3. Its form factor will be more like the iPhone than the MacBook. Touchscreen with virtual keyboard and wireless physical keyboard as an option. It will use all the touchscreen interface physics that the iPhone uses. Can’t wait!

  4. as long as it is super tiny, syncs with my mini for optical drive stuff, and isn’t ultra pricey, i am interested.

    if they want to use the iphone setup and remove the keyboard and keep it under $1000, hey that is ok with me. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    magicword “future”, as in “someday in the future scotty will say ‘a keyboard! how quaint!'”

  5. Memo:

    From: Apple Insider COO
    To: Apple Insider writers.

    Please continue to publish more of the obvious with gross speculation. The mac zealots eat it up. They love reading trite predictions. We need your mindless articles to increase our ad revenue.

  6. actually, an Apple patent already showed a bottom-mouting optical drive, so whatever they come out with witll have a superdrive.

    it’s stupid that someone would think it wouldn’t. the only Mac portable without an optical drive, at this point, is the iPhone.

  7. is it really a deal breaker to burn dvds and play dvds?

    not for an ultra portable device it isnt.

    this would be a computer with ultra portability in mind, i actually dont use my superdrive that much, yea I need one, but i usually use it mostly for backups, I could see someone using an external hardrive for backups and then not needing a superdrive.
    Just think about how light and thin it could be.
    It would be like carrying around a slightly heavy A4 pad with an ultra bright screen, rather than a laptop. Im sure for alot of people the weight savings would be a very acceptable payoff.

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