Using Crossover to run Windows apps on Mac OS X

Apple Store“As I expected, I had mixed success with my experiments using Crossover: bridging software that allows some Windows applications to run on Macs with Intel processors. Crossover has an installers menu which lists several applications that are known to work and I opted to start with Internet Explorer 6, so beloved of banks in Thailand. The last version of IE for the Mac was 5,” Graham K. Rogers reports for eXtensions.

“The software automatically downloaded the necessary components, including the licencing agreement. At the end (and I loved this bit) it simulated a Windows reboot,” Rogers reports.

Rogers reports, “I must admit it felt odd to double-click that ‘e’ icon and open Explorer 6 on a Mac; but there it was, alive and kicking along with Outlook, Windows Media Player, Notepad and a couple of extras.”

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CrossOver Mac 6.0:


  1. I wish Parallels would ship “a patch” to Desktop that allows Linux to function properly again. The original handled Windoze and Linux wonderfully. The new patches run Linux poorly. I lost 16 hours this week trying to install a fresh copy of Linux into the latest version of Parallels…what a nightmare. Back to using my box version.

    I wrote their help desk and told them that life isn’t only about being Windoze compatible. Hopefully they listened.

    Just my $0.02

  2. Quicken on Mac is great. What are you talkin about?

    Parallels is a great program. I use it a lot. It’s kind of vertigo to have the start menu and the dock there at the same time……

  3. Quicken on Mac is a steaming POS. M$FT Money on Winblows is far better. Ooh, that was painful to say.

    Come to think of it, Codeweavers Crossover is all crap in the sense that it doesn’t live up to their marketing hype.

  4. Quicken for Mac SUCKS. The only people who think it’s good software have obviously have never used Quicken for Doze ( which is completely different from the Mac version) or M$ Money, as I did for 10 years.

    Both of those are so far superior to Q for M that Quicken should be absolutely embarressed to put out such a shitty product.

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