Walt Disney sells 23.7 million TV shows and 2 million movies via Apple iTunes Store

Apple StoreThe Walt Disney Co. yesterday after market close posted net profit for Q2 07 of $931 million, or 44 cents per share, compared with $733 million, or 37 cents per share, compared to the previous year.

Revenue was up to $8.07 billion from $8.03 billion a year ago.

Disney President and CEO, Bob Iger, said during the conference call with analysts, “We continue to view the broadband-enabled internet as an important entertainment medium, and our creative and technological investments in Disney, ESPN, ABC.com are designed with that premise in mind.”

Iger reported that Disney has so far sold 23.7 million TV shows and 2 million movies via Apple’s iTunes Store.

Disney’s conference call (Windows Media Player or Real Player required) is available here.


  1. Just some fun numbers (clearly approximate)

    Disney made $8,070 Million

    Apple sold $67M of Disney product($47M & $20M)

    At a wholesale price of 50%, Disney sold $33.5M worth of product through iTunes.

    $33.5M in sales is 0.4% of Disney’s $8B revenues.

  2. me..

    more interesting would be 2 figures (which we don’t and likely won’t have):

    1. What % of Disney’s overall media revenues (from film, TV etc) does iTS represent?

    2. How does the income from iTS compare to other forms of media income in terms of revenue vs profit. In other words what % of the iTS money going to Disney is actual after expensive profit compared to other media revenues?

    You’re comparing iTS revenues to Disney’s total corporate revenue, which might not be the best way to look at it, just my opinion.

  3. twilightmoon@mac.com: “1. What % of Disney’s overall media revenues (from film, TV etc) does iTS represent?”

    Even more meaningful is the % of Disney’s revenues from content represented by iTunes Store. iTS represents only a small number of shows from Disney owned companies. The more Disney commits to use iTS for distribution (the more content they offer), the bigger revenue they can generate from iTS.

  4. When you consider that 23.7 million people watched Grey’s Anatomy last week, selling that amount of TV shows on iTunes isn’t that impressive.

    I would like to know how that iTunes number compares with the number of people who have watched the shows for “free” on ABC.com

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