Apple attacks Windows in new online ‘Get a Mac’ ad: 114,000 viruses? Not on a Mac

Apple has begun running a new online “Get a Mac” ad which is currently running on CNET and other online tech outlets.

No word on whether this ad is also intended for TV airing and it is not currently available on Apple,com’s “Get a Mac” ad section:

In the ad, Windows PC tries to hide from viruses and spyware much to Mac’s bewilderment. The ad closes with the text, “114,000 viruses? Not on a Mac.”

114,000 viruses? Not on a Mac:

MacDailyNews Take: We wonder, does CNET (and other outlets where this ad is running) take offense at being called “seedier than a truck stop bathroom?”


  1. I think most of these ads are very good, and this one stacks up. Most of them do a good job of pointing out the flaws of Windows with at least a small twist of humor. More importantly, “Mac” isn’t smug or condescending, but is generally either bemused by or sympathetic with “PC’s” plight. This ad is a good example of that.

  2. I agree that the ads where Mac is less condescending are much better. I’m sure that Apple must have redone at least one of their ads. My recollection is that in the original Tech Support ad (with the tech guy strapping a camera onto PC) the last line was originally spoken by Mac. It comes across as a lot less arrogant with the tech guy speaking that line.

  3. This campaign is only just beginning to touch the nerves of the wider population.

    It will run for a couple of years more at least…

    But you can bet they’ll turn them off they stop going down well. But remember there is lot’s of fud from the Wincamp about them..

  4. These ads are a lot more effective than the switcher ads. At least these ads have something to say about why people should switch.

    I am a vocal Mac evangelist. I am that guy, as most MDN readers probably are, that notices Apple product placement, and points it out to others, annoyed as they may be.

    People come to me at work for their computer problems because I have somehow made a reputation as “The Computer Guy.” I usually end up saying something like, “I’m sorry, I don’t know how to fix this. I’m a Mac guy–I don’t do Windows,” and the conversation is opened up from there.

    What I’m getting at is that I have seen what works. I can only recall one person ever saying something about the switcher ads, that wasn’t a Mac user.

    Countless people, however, have said various positive things to me about the current ads.

    Whether you like them or not, they work.

  5. I agree, these ads are more effective…even though watching that Ellen Feiss chick get stoned and tell me ” beep beep beep…it devoured my paper” was enough to get me to switch….

  6. Only 114000? That doesn’t compare to my spysweeper at work proudly proclaiming that I am now protected against 374,495 known traces. I can’t imagine why I have so many problems with my work computer.

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