Sun Micro joins porting effort for OpenOffice for Mac as Apple Mac use rises

Apple Store“In a May 3, 2007 blog post, Philipp Lohmann of Sun Microsystems states that Sun engineering will add it’s support to the ongoing Mac/Aqua porting effort currently underway for OpenOffice,” Switch To A Mac reports.

STAM reports, “In his post Lohmann provides a brief history about the porting effort for OpenOffice and then indicates that he another Sun engineers will assist in the porting effort.”

“Lohmann [also] cites an increase in Mac use as a reason that Sun is joining the porting effort when he states,” STAM reports.

Full article here.

Lohmann’s “ Engineering at Sun” blog post here.

OpenOffice info:


  1. That’s the first site I’ve seen that actually looks more cluttered than MDN. Bravo.

    The fact that this is the first article I’ve read from them combined with their sloppy proofing will prevent me from ever visiting the site again.

  2. Does OpenOffice have any formatting issues? When I used NeoOffice, I had issues with bullets in writer and presentation. If there were other formatting quirks in NeoOffice, I didn’t see them.

  3. Hey ladies, gentalman, woo sound cool huh,,

    PS: I like this site,

    Office is a pig, ,! To make a letter take so much time etc, I use wordpad or text edit , for letters
    Word is , ar

    PSS: I wnt to come america,

    Why do ppl use it please ,

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