Apple and Full Sail initiate ‘Project LaunchBox’

Apple StoreFull Sail Real World Education has announced “Project LaunchBox,” a first-of-its-kind campus-wide program that enables Full Sail students with powerful Apple technology to create music, film, games, animation and design.

Project LaunchBox complements Full Sail’s programs across six different disciplines by providing students with a complete mobile studio comprising of a MacBook Pro notebook computer loaded with powerful software such as Apple’s Final Cut Studio video production suite.

“Apple has proven over time to be a pioneer and a leader in the creative industries, making its products and solutions the obvious choice for Full Sail,” said Garry Jones, President of Full Sail, in the press release. “With a MacBook Pro and powerful software such as Final Cut Studio, Project LaunchBox enables students to express unique stories digitally without limits.”

“Full Sail is one of the country’s most creative and technically savvy colleges,” said John Couch, Apple’s Vice President of Education, in the press release. “We are thrilled to work with Full Sail on this exciting new adventure for the school’s students and faculty and can’t wait to see the creative products they produce.”

Full Sail selected Apple’s MacBook Pro because it provides desktop performance in a thin sleek notebook design, making it ideal for intensive creative tasks involving graphics, video editing and music encoding that are the lifeblood for students interested in pursuing careers in the entertainment industry.

With Project LaunchBox, students have access to Apple’s complete line of creative software tools that address the needs of beginners and advanced professionals alike: iLife, Apple’s award-winning suite of digital applications that includes iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, GarageBand and iWeb; and iWork, Apple’s productivity suite that enables cinema-quality presentations. The customized sets of pro-level applications include software packages such as Apple’s Logic Pro 7 for music and audio creation and Final Cut Studio for real-time video and motion-graphics production. With this combination, Full Sail students will now have uninterrupted access to the software applications they need and can have their portfolio available at their fingertips.

“Project LaunchBox is an exciting opportunity to use the creative industry’s leading tools,” said Full Sail student Andrew Michell, in the press release. “MacBook Pro and Final Cut Studio will help me to become an industry professional.”


  1. As a Full Sail grad (RASAD98), I have seen how far they have come, and this is great. The only problem is, this school tends to attract types of people who are younger musicians and wannabe movie moguls, and the environment tends to harbor a few unsavory types. I can see MacBook thefts as a problem. Not to mention that with the tuition, you could seriously buy about 30 MacBook Pro’s (in ’98, my tuition was about 40k for a measly associates degree). For anyone thinking about attending Full Sail, keep in mind that their placement program is alot smoke blown up yer butt, the classes and labs run in 24 hour cycles (a 2 year degree in 13 months, where labs can be at 4 am and classes at 9 pm, and a new graduating class starts every month, with a graduating glass every month), and when they say you can audit classes as an alumni, they have to be classes you already took, and the name of the class can’t change, which they always do (ie, changing “tapless recording” to “digital recording”, “sound for motion picture and tv” to “sound for tv and motion picture”). 9 years later, still paying the loans…I digress…

  2. Check ths website out and weep! Weep for Wintel users, sheep to the slaughter comes to mind.

    They have featured “32 reasons why PCs are better than Macs” For example 1) Service packs don’t cost £90
    2) No price premium for flashy design
    3) Thousands of decent games
    4) Twomouse Buttons
    5) Broadband just works
    6) Tailor-made systems
    7) Macs are months behind (you didn’t read that wrong!)
    8) Life beyond 1st January (Christmas MacWorld show)
    9) Superior search facilities
    10) Safety in Numbers (Oh! the irony!!)
    11) Sensible support costs (they would of course be jobless)
    12) Microsoft’s on your team
    13) Black’s still the new black (Black Macbook v VAIO)
    14) the CD-ROM has an eject button
    15) No confusing version numbers
    16) What the hell was that? (Sound a mac makes when starting)
    17) Cheap OEM versions
    18) Far better media capability
    19) IT support expertise
    20) Not so Insecure (Viruses)
    21) Copious amount of freeware
    22) What is it with Steve Jobs? (Self-serving egotistical irritating)
    23) The menu is where? (Macs interface)
    24) Full selection of peripherals (Macs are shut out from WinCrap
    25) Build your own computer
    26) The Apps don’t crash (Ha! Ha! Haa!!)
    27) Tablets & touchscreens (Medical, warehouse management)
    28) You don’t need as much RAM
    29) A Mac’s delete key doesn’t delete
    30) Apple doesn’t like meddling (EFI tweaking setup)
    31) PCs are greener (Greenpeace issue)
    32) Best for beginners ( they claim that there are ten times more Windows users than Macolytes to lend a helping hand, of course 8 out of those 10 demand payment at top notch fees otherwise they would’nt have a market for their magazine.

    I wrote the headlines for you just in case you couldn’t access the site.

  3. I couldn’t resist making my counter-list.

    Debunking the “32 reasons” post:

    1. Software and security updates are free.
    2. Aero is only available in the most expensive version of Vista
    3. Thousands of decent games
    4. Two mouse buttons
    5. Broadband, WiFi, networking, bonjour, etc just works
    6. Tailor-made systems (RAM, Video cards, HD capacity)
    7. Macs are years ahead
    8. Life beyond Jan 1’st. Many events througought the year for Mac users.
    9. Superior search with Spotlight
    10. Safety in security
    11. Sensible support costs. AppleCare is free for 1 year, and is great service
    12. Microsoft is not on your team
    13. Black is boring
    14. The CD-ROM has an eject button
    15. Easy to understand versioning. Windows Vista has 5 versions, XP has multiple versions, all with cryptic version numbers. OS X uses incrementing numbers.
    16. What the hell was that? The lame beep when a PC starts, or the blue screen of death
    17. One size fits all
    18. Far better media capability: iLife
    19. Less need for uber-geek IT support, lowers cost of ownership
    20. 100% virus and spyware free
    21. Copious amount of QUALITY freeware
    22. What is it with Steve Jobs? How does he make all the right moves when others are floundering?
    23. The menu is always on the top, and is consistent
    24. Full selection of peripherals. Plug it in without any nagging “Found New Hardware, Accept or Deny” messages
    25. Why build your own computer, I have important things to do with my time
    26. The apps, not the OS crash
    27. Tablets and touchscreens (3rd party mods)
    28. Vista needs huge amounts of RAM and CPU. Current OS X runs on very old hardware
    29. Delete key works like it should
    30. Apple loves their developers and build on open source technologies
    31. Apple is the greenest computer company
    32. Better for beginners.

  4. ALUM–heard the exact same thing from several people. Sounds exactly like Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale/Miami (MVBAD ’91). Placement is a joke and the tuition goes up every single semester–a tuition btw that you’ll be paying back until your 60! I remember at the time considering a transfer to Full Sail but a close friend who was attending FS then luckily talked me out of it. Many of these skills-based schools ie Art Institutes, ITT etc are simply DIPLOMA mills..

    Advise to prospective students:

    Seek out community colleges that offer media production certificate specialties–MUCH cheaper & much better value–most times offer comparable or BETTER resources for the money plus a more flexable schedule..and also try certified training & software specific bootcamps that are offered. At Full Sail expect to pay out the arse and come out the other end feeling totally raped..

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