BBC ‘iPlayer’ leaves Mac users out in the cold

Apple Store“Ever since I tried the BBC’s beta ‘integrated Media Player’ (iMP) software, I’ve been waiting for the day when the video download service will go live. Just imagine: the entire output of the BBC available, at the click of a button, to any UK viewer. It’s enough to make you proud to be a licence payer,” Tom Dunmore writes for Stuff Magazine.

“Assuming you have a Windows PC. And if you don’t? Get ready to wait,” Dunmore writes.

Dunmore writes, “To be fair, the BBC Trust has criticised the Windows Media Player plans, but it hasn’t forced a change – it’s merely said that a solution must be made available, and it would monitor the situation. The BBC, incidentally, claims it would be unworkable to make the service Mac and Linux compatible in the next two years.”

“I’m horrified. As a long-time Mac user – and license payer – I feel totally ignored by a corporation that is supposed to have a clear commitment to being inclusive,” Dunmore writes.

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  1. When you make a deal with the Devil, in this case, Microsoft, you have to live with the consequences.

    You have two choices.
    1) You can switch from Mac OS X or Linux OS to Windows OS or buy a Windows PC.
    2) You can very vocally demand the refund of your license payment.

    Don’t support the BBC if the BBC won’t support you.

  2. He expects the BBC to be inclusive? Bhwhahahaha. *Wiping away tears of laughter*. Check out how “inclusive” the Beeb’s forums have been. And the Beeb can’t be bothered to include the views of Britons who refuse to preemptively surrender to Islamism. In short, the Beeb has never been “inclusive”, but rather “exclusive” for many years.

  3. At a lecture last week the iPlayer was demo’ed. The admission was of it being released in two months (PC only) but with the Mac version maybe just a few months later. The delay may be due to DRM being trickier to manage on the Mac?.

    The reference to two years may be over all the platform options, not just the iPlayer specifically.

    The speaker was at pains to portray the BBC as platform agnostic – he presented from a Mac himself. They are already moving onto mobile platforms, the fabulous Freeview is now more popular than Murdoch’s Sky nonsense and the iPlayer will be free-to-air and cable too, as they say. YouTube now, Joost soon – all in an effort to ensure that everyone in the UK can receive what they want where they want on whatever they choose.

    The iPlayer is not intended to be a revenue earner. It is a playback tool only, DRM limiting downloads to a to seven days lifespan. It is a logical extension to the radio service Listen Again tool.

    MDN word: High as in High time people who don’t pay for the BBC stopped criticising it

  4. Tried to find a contact or complaint button on the Trust site — and of course failed (por it may hav been me).

    Either way, us fee payers are stuffed by MS loving Beeb.

    Hrmph. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”cool grin” style=”border:0;” />

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