Investors push for ‘greener’ Apple

Apple Store“An investment group plans to use Apple Inc.’s upcoming shareholder’s meeting to press for greener products — and is holding the company’s arch-rival Dell as the benchmark,” Aidan Malley reports for AppleInsider.

Malley reports, “Trillium Asset Management roused Apple shareholders to action on Thursday, calling on them to support a motion that would require that the Cupertino-based company outline a schedule for ridding its hardware products of toxic materials.”

“The investment firm rekindled accusations that Apple has stalled on its commitments to environmental progress and urged that it scrap brominated flame retardants (BFCs) and polyvinyl chloride plastic (PVC), either of which can leak dangerous chemicals in the wrong circumstances,” Malley reports.

“Such substances can be especially volatile in developing nations, where attempts to cannibalize the better components of junked PCs frequently triggers their release into the environment. Continuing to use these materials without a ‘reasonable’ timetable to eventually scrap them is both irresponsible and hypocritical, Trillian proclaimed,” Malley reports.

Malley reports, “‘Consumers have grown to expect more from Apple, a leader in product design and innovation,’ Shelley Alpern, a VP at the firm, wrote in its call to investors. ‘Are we falling behind in the arena of greening our products?'”

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  1. Apple should refuse. I would rather see breakdowns of what is in the products right now, compared to all the other manufacturers. Then, if Apple is doesn’t measure up, then fine, criticize them. All this “roadmap” stuff is just smoke and mirrors concocted by Greenpeace for publicity purposes, riding on Apple’s coattails.

  2. Funny how Al Gore has been conspicuously silent on this issue. C’mon Al, don’t let your worshipers down now, you’re supposed to be the King of Green. Your silence wouldn’t have anything to do with all of the money you rake in from Apple now would it??

  3. Ridiculous. Apple does not sell any products with a CRT (Dell does). Apple products last a long time. The are bought, owned, resold, owned again, resold, and so on for much longer. If you want proof, just go to eBay and look at the prices for used (even broken) Macs and iPods. The best form of recycling is to keep using the product. Apple’s products are much less likely to be thrown away into a landfill, compared to the PCs from Dell and MP3 players that no one wants to keep. I hope Apple politely ignores this group of “investors.”

  4. Apple isn’t as bad, relatively, as Greenpeace makes out, but, like all their competitors, they don’t have a very good green record. Why shouldn’t they be a leader in this as they are in providing great products? Too bad they couldn’t do it before getting this pressure from investors and any bad publicity it engenders.

  5. Apple doesn’t announce what it is going to do, it announces when it is done. All those other companies with targets that will likely miss, or bullshit about, spend money on PR junk rather than on making good products. As said above Macs stay in use for many years (last year I bought a three+ year old iBook on eBay because I needed a small portable for while) and that’s many times better than junking after two or three years.

    But PCBs are evil, they mess up the atmosphere big time too. Better quality manufacturing is required so that things won’t catch on fire rather than smolder a bit (whilst releasing BFCs). All halides should be banned from mass produced products.

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