Mac OS X Web browser Shiira 2.0 released

Apple StoreThe Shiira Project has announced the release of latest version of their Mac OS X Web browser, Shiira 2.0.

Shiira is a web browser based on Web Kit and written in Cocoa. The goal of the Shiira Project is to create a browser that is better and more useful than Safari. All source code used in this software is publicly available.

One of the most impressive features of Shiira is Tab Exposé. Tab Exposé shows all open tabs the same way that Exposé shows all open windows.

Watch the Tab Exposé QuickTime demo:
Large (10.9 MB)
• Small (1.3 MB)

Shiira 2.0 requires Mac OS X 10.4, because one of the purposes of the Shiira Project is to leverage latest Mac OS X features, ex. Core Data.

Screenshots can be viewed here.

More info and download link (upper right of page) here.

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  1. I think I am going to try it. I have always hated Safari for being dog slow. Firefox 2.0 isn’t nearly as fast as 1.5 was. So, on down the browser line until I find something with the features of Firefox but the speed of IE on the Winblows platform. Slow web browsing – my one great beef about the Macintosh platform since the introduction of broadband.

  2. Version 1.2.2 is a little more stable on my system (the link for that release is below the 2.0 download link on Shiira’s page).
    I can’t get version 2.0 to use a minimum font size, so I’m going back to 1.2.2 for now.
    But, it’s a great browser that everyone should try.

  3. Something must be wonky in your computer. Safari is lightning fast, but I prefer Firefox for its extensions. Firefox is no dog, either.

    When was the last time you ran any maintenance routines?

  4. @ Cubert

    Have you tried Camino? It’s fast & based on the same engine as Firefox (though not as full featured).
    Also, if you download OnyX it has an option to speed up Safari under its parameter options. I did see a difference.

    Mind you I might try Shiira 2 myself.

  5. My beef with Safari is that it will not display some Java-based windows such as the small windows that open to reveal more product info on commercial web sites. In that case, I have to open the site with Camino which does the job perfectly. Camino is a very good browser and I’m glad to have it. andiyar, do you know any way to get Camino to supress those green underlines on MDN?

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